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  • (Year 680, at the abandoned plane factory under the Stardust Remains.)
  • (With heavy steps, Tuda walked towards Chenxi.)
  • (No one noticed the young man who had stayed silent for a long while until Tuda came to him.)
  • Chenxi: What's up? About Berta, do you...
  • (Tuda swung a punch at Chenxi, sending him staggering back. He looked at Tuda in shock, confused at what had happened.)
  • (Tuda seized Chenxi by the collar, his eyes bloodshot with rage.)
  • Tuda: Your blasphemous outsiders! It's all because of you that the temple is in this state now!
  • Nikki: Tuda, calm down!
  • Chenxi: I simply informed you of the truth.
  • Tuda: Stop talking nonsense! The gods will curse and punish you!
  • Chenxi: You...
  • (Chenxi's reaction infuriated Tuda even more. Tuda tried to punch him again with tight-clenched fist.)
  • (A tall explorer quickly pulled at Tuda's arm, trying to stop him.)
  • (However, Tuda had lost his calm. He picked up a rusty iron rod with his other hand, and waved it wildly.)
  • (The tall explorer failed to avoid it and took a hit. The rest of the group dared touch Tuda recklessly so they formed a wall in front of Chenxi instead.)
  • Tuda: You, you guys!
  • (Just as Tuda tried once again to charge forward, he suddenly appeared to be in extreme pain.)
  • (Tuda released his grip and the rod dropped onto the floor with a clank.)
  • Tuda: Ahh...
  • (The explorers were astounded, but they didn't dare to check what happened, as if doubting that it would be a hoax.)
  • (Only Nikki and her group rushed to Tuda's side without hesitation.)
  • Nikki: Tuda, are you okay?
  • (Tuda shut his eyes tightly, his body trembling from the pain. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as well.)
  • (The tall explorer stepped over to Tuda ever so carefully.)
  • Tall Explorer: Stop pretending! The captain and I were the ones wounded by you. Stop playing the victim!
  • (Tuda didn't respond. His breathing became increasingly rapid, as if he was going to fall any moment then.)
  • Ace: He's already suffering. What more do you want?
  • Tall Explorer: What more do I want? I want to return him his punch!
  • (The tall explorer raised his fist but before he could bring it down to Tuda, Chenxi yelled at him.)
  • Chenxi: Stop!
  • Tall Explorer: Captain? But...
  • Chenxi: Have you forgotten? A styling competition is the way to settle disputes on the continent.
  • Tall Explorer: But he hit you first!
  • Chenxi: Don't make me repeat myself.
  • Tall Explorer: Dammit! Well, in that case, send someone to compete with me. The theme is battle. You must apologize to the captain if you lose!


There is no concluding dialogue.