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  • Young Lady: Hi there! You look a little flustered. Would you like some help? I just need a small favor in return!
  • Momo: What kind of small favor... No thanks! Why do we run into so many strange people today...
  • Nikki: Hello... You are... Did we meet before?
  • Young Lady: We met at Lilith's Halloween celebration! You gave me many candies, remember?
  • Momo: Ah, it's you! Nikki, why don't we just ask her?
  • Nikki: Sure. Actually, we're looking for a girl wearing men's formal attire and a saber. Have you seen anyone like that before?
  • Young Lady: Yes, of course I have!
  • Momo: What, where??
  • Young Lady: (Smirks) She... She's right behind you!
  • Ransa: (Walks towards Nikki and Momo) What are you doing here? I asked you to stay where you were. I almost thought I lost you two.
  • Nikki: You were gone for so long, we were afraid something happened to you. That's why we went looking for you...
  • Momo: But everything is okay, now that you're back!
  • Ransa: ...Alright, alright, let's go.
  • Young Lady: Hey, wait a minute! I help you find your friend, but you have to do me a small favor in return...
  • Momo: Fine! As long as we can do it!
  • Young Lady: Cool! Then have a contest over modern Cloud attire with me!
  • Nikki: No problem!


There is no concluding dialogue.