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  • Nikki: That was too close. Fortunately, Ransa wasn't here, otherwise I'm not sure what would have happened...
  • Momo: The morning breeze after rain is so comfortable and the scenery is so beautiful, but these tense situations just left us no time to rest...
  • Stylish Lady: Haha... Such a cute kitten, why so sad? Come and play with me!
  • Momo: Ah... Okay. Eh? It's Moonlit City's Mayor! What are you doing here?!
  • Moonlit City Mayor: Shh, not so loud! They'll hear us!
  • Nikki: Mayor... Did you sneak out?
  • Moonlit City Mayor: Ahhh, you got me. It's too much work recently, so I wanted to come let off some steam for a few days... Don't tell anyone!
  • Momo: Your secret's safe with us, Mayor! But with so many beautiful places to visit in the Cloud Empire, why come to the Pigeon Kingdom?
  • Moonlit City Mayor: Why, it's because I wanted to see the famous Flowering Hedge Boulevard, that's why!
  • Nikki: Flowering Hedge Boulevard?
  • Moonlit City Mayor: It's right here! Built along the banks of the River Varna, both sides of the boulevard bloom with countless wild roses. It's one of the most famous streets in 7 kingdoms!
  • Moonlit City Mayor: Look! Doesn't my skirt match the flowers perfectly? But enough chitchat, let's go have some fun!
  • Moonlit City Mayor: As for the theme, let it be clothes prettier than the flowers !
  • Momo: Wha... What?! Why does it end in styling contest again!


There is no concluding dialogue.