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  • Sherry: Go. Now.
  • Nikki: Sherry...
  • Momo: We won, but why does Momo feel sad...
  • Ransa: ...You didn't lose.
  • Nikki: Sherry... You didn't really intend to get in our way, did you?
  • Sherry: Shut up.
  • Ransa: If you really want to apprehend us, you can simply tel the royal guards we are here. But you didn't and came alone...
  • Sherry: ...I said shut up.
  • Momo: Sherry...
  • Ransa: ...I know, Sherry. I know everything. I know when Iron Rose is disbanded, you were the one who took it the hardest.
  • Ransa: But your loyalty to the Queen forbids you from disobeying her orders...
  • Ransa: I was confused and depressed, but now I stand up again. I understand that if a failure is unacceptable, then I have to overcome it.
  • Ransa: That's why I want to continue to seek the secret behind the relic and complete the mission we failed... And to find out the real reason to the disbandment of Iron Rose.
  • Sherry: You know, Ransa... I really envy you sometimes.
  • Sherry: Nikki, tell me... What is your goal here?
  • Nikki: (After a brief silence) I'm here... for my friends.
  • Nikki: To protect my friends... I have to find out how to craft this relic.
  • Sherry: ...I see. In that case, please take this.
  • Momo: A beak-shaped mask? Wait, I think I've seen this before...
  • Ransa: Yeah.... This is a standard accessory for Pigeon Imperial Physician. Since the capital is so heavily guarded, dressing up as an imperial physician would help avoid many troubles.
  • Ransa: Thank you, Sherry.
  • Sherry: ...It's the least I can do.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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