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  • Sherry: Ransa, I knew you would come.
  • Ransa: ...It's you.
  • Momo: You are...Sherry?!
  • Nikki: Sherry, what are you doing here?
  • Sherry: The guards told me someone had broken into the Kingdom Monastery last night... I knew it had to be you.
  • Sherry: Ransa, you still haven't given up, have you?
  • Ransa: Sorry, I'm not like you. Giving up everything and getting expelled from the capital after a single failure... I just cannot.
  • Sherry: I remain loyal to the Queen, no matter what happens.
  • Ransa: Then show me your so-called 'loyalty'. Today, I have to defeat you here...
  • Nikki: Ransa, let me take her on this time...
  • Ransa: Stand aside, little girl. This is between us and has nothing to do with you.
  • Nikki: I have no idea what you have been through... But, were you not partners in Iron Rose?
  • Nikki: Even if you stay on the different sides with different goals today, there's no reason to turn on each other like this...
  • Sherry: ...
  • Nikki: Sherry, we have to go to the capital to talk with Queen Elle about the relic.
  • Nikki: If you insist on blocking the way... I will have to defeat you myself.
  • Sherry: ...The theme is classical Pigeon style dresses.
  • Ransa: The classical Pigeon style is Sherry's strength. Nikki, be careful!


There is no concluding dialogue.