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Opening: Edit

  • (Suddenly, a dove flies in from the dark night sky, weaving through the window lattices and spiral staircases)
  • Momo: Nikki, what are you doing? Keep moving, someone is knocking the collection room's door!
  • Ransa: Silly cat, keep quiet. This dove is strange...
  • (As if responding to Ransa's words, the dove suddenly swoops down and tears a page out of the diary.)
  • Nikki: This dove... Catch it!
  • (The dove flies just beyond the reach of them as if to guide the way. Nikki and others chase down the spiral stairs, to a bright french window on the bottom level of the tower.)
  • (A figure reveals in the dim light. Ransa whips out her sword, shielding Nikki and Momo with her body.)
  • Ransa: Who are you?
  • (The French window is pushed open, and a well-dressed young man jumps in, greeting Ransa with a smile. The dove hovers around with soft chirps.)
  • Young man: Good evening.
  • Ransa: (In surprise) You... You are that famous magician Noah? Why are you here?
  • Noah: (Smiling) You know my real name? That's very good... Ransa, Stylist of Iron Rose.
  • (The young man snaps his fingers, and the dove circling above him suddenly disappears)
  • (The draft slowly floats down and lands in his hand. Out of nowhere, a magical cane appears in his other hand)
  • Noah: Welcome to Oren City. Why don't we slip into some more gorgeous attires so that we may better embrace this beautiful night...
  • Nikki: ...What do you mean?
  • Noah: Defeat me first in a style contest, then you may ask any question you like.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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