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  • (At midnight, Nikki and the others enter the Classics Collection Room in south tower as planned.)
  • (Two girls and a cat split up to search and soon the notebooks and design drafts left by King Sayet are found in the monastery.)
  • Nikki: Ransa, check these manuscripts. Do they have anything we are looking for?
  • (Ransa carefully leafs through the dusty files and picks out a diary)
  • Ransa: I think... this is all we need.
  • Momo: (Opens the diary) Wow... These designs are gorgeous!!!
  • Momo: Ransa, don't all these designs use the same material required to craft the relics? What is it? Why is it so powerful?
  • Ransa: ...
  • Nikki: What's the matter? Something wrong with the diary?
  • Ransa: No, I just...
  • Ransa: I haven't told you the real reason why the Iron Rose disbanded, have I?
  • Nikki: It was actually because...
  • Momo: Is Iron Rose's disbandment related to the relic of King Sayet?
  • Ransa: That's right.
  • Ransa: As you know, the Queen won two of King Sayet's relics in the Nine-Day War, and one of them is a design recipe.
  • Ransa: It's the last design of King Sayet. He left the world before he could actually craft it.
  • Ransa: With the clues left on the design, we headed to mountains in Pigeon to search for that special material... But we failed.
  • Momo: So the Queen disbanded the Iron Rose? But you cannot succeed all the time... The Queen is too heartless!
  • Ransa: The Queen attaches great importance to this mission, but we failed her... Iron Rose has no more reason to exist.
  • Nikki: ...I see. So... what about the others in the Iron Rose?
  • Ransa: Don't look at me like that. They don't need your sympathy, me either...
  • Ransa: Who goes there?!
  • ('Click!' The half-open door of Classics Collection Room is closed. Momo jumps to the door but cannot open it again.)
  • Momo: Shoot, it's locked from outside! They must have found us... Nikki, change into some lightweight clothes and let's find another exit!


There is no concluding dialogue.