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  • (In the corridor)
  • Momo: Hmm, walk to the end of the first corridor on the left and turn right... The second guest room the sister told us. Is it this way?
  • Nikki: It's like a maze in here, I hope we don't get lost... Hey, someone's coming! - Pardon, but could you tell us how to get to the second guest room?
  • Lady: And you are...?
  • Nikki: I'm Nikki, and these are my friends, Ransa and Momo. We are visitors from the Apple Federation...
  • Lady: (Smiling) The Apple Federation? You come from the Apple Federation?
  • Momo: Yes, why?
  • Lady: I'm also from the Apple Federation! How nice to see my countrymen here.
  • Lady: The name is Nora Von Rhein. I'm studying theology in this monastery for now.
  • Lady: What about you? There are so many beautiful scenic spots in the Pigeon Kingdom. Why come to the Kingdom Monastery?
  • Momo: Well, we are here for...
  • Ransa: (Interrupts Momo) We're fans of the Pigeon Kingdom's classic designs! We heard that the Kingdom Monastery collected many relative materials, so we decided to pay a visit.
  • Nora Von Rhein: Then you are in the right place! King Monastery is the largest and oldest monastery in Pigeon. Many manuscripts and books stored here can never be found anywhere else.
  • Nora Von Rhein: It is said that King Sayet once resided within these walls, and left behind a trove of masterpieces. No one is certain if it's true or not, through...
  • Nora Von Rhein: Ah, sorry! I must have bored you talking about things I'm interested in...
  • Momo: Not at all, Nora! Your story is so interesting! We want to hear more!
  • Nora Von Rhein: Really? Thank you! So, you are looking for the second guest room, right? Let me lead the way, so we can talk some more.
  • (With Nora's help, Nikki and her friends find the guest room, and Nora tells them more about the monastery on the road.)
  • (After Nora leaves)
  • Nikki: So the rumors of King Sayet was imprisoned here and left many design drafts may very well be true.
  • Nikki: Ransa, Momo, let's go to check out the Classic Collection Room when they turn off the light.
  • Ransa: Ok. And Nikki, can you dressed up like that Apple Federation lady later?
  • Nikki: We're about the same height, so sure... but why?
  • Ransa: The lady is studying theology here, so she must go to that room quite often. If you dress up like her, we won't raise any unnecessary doubts when people see us.
  • Momo: Wow... That's a member of the Iron Rose for you! Alright, we'll go with your plan. Let's get ready, Nikki!


There is no concluding dialogue.