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There were 3 paths
To the only Truth
The shining stars in
the Elf Kingdom
The ancient treasures
buried in dwarf memories
The king's light that
guides human's road
Through wind on lake
and light in the morning
Stars and gems now
lost in the darkness
Hope finally came
to this night
Yet it comes with the curse


  • Nikki: And then?
  • Ransa: And then... Nothing.
  • Ransa: That's all that the queen told us.
  • (Year 680, New Era. City Oren, Capital of Pigeon Kingdom)
  • (Rain shrouds an already-dark night. A flickering light shines in the window of the monastery)
  • Lamp-holding Nun: Who's there? The roaring storm, or traveler passing by? Answer me, if I heard you right!
  • Girl at the Door: Hello, we are visitors from the Apple Federation. Out train was delayed, and we've been caught in this rainstorm...
  • Girl's Partner: All the inns are closed, and the only light we've seen is in this monastery...
  • Lamp-holding Nun: I see.
  • (Lamp-holding Nun removed the bolt and opened the door.)
  • Lamp-holding Nun: Please come in, but I have to register your names first. All the travelers have to have their names registered, by the Queen's order.
  • Girl at the Door: My name is Nikki. This is Momo, and that's Ransa. We come from the Apple Federation.
  • Ransa: ...
  • Momo: Meow!
  • Lamp-holding Nun: What a cute kitten. Oh, this tall lady. Your sword...
  • Ransa: My sword? If it concerns you, you can keep if for me while I stay, sister.
  • Lamp-holding Nun: No, I don't mean that. I just think... The sword is so beautiful designed. Be sure to wipe the rainwater off to not let it rust!
  • Ransa: ...Thank you.
  • Lamp-holding Nun: No need to thank me. The Lord not want any of his children wandering the streets in such a downpour... Now, come in and change into some clean and elegant clothing.


There is no concluding dialogue.


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