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Styling Contest Prelude is the ninth chapter in Volume 1 of the story mode of Love Nikki.


Nikki and Co. are almost ready to get into the Fantasy Styling Contest, but she still doesn't feel ready, so she decides to practice. With the help of Bobo, a mysterious man who refers to himself as the Fantasy Envoy and a new friend named Ace, she begins to train hard...


V1: 9-1 New Comer[]

Bobo welcomes Nikki and Momo to the Royal City, the capital of the Lilith Kingdom. The head over to check in at the Official Hotel at West Contestant Village for attendees of the Fantasy Styling Contest.

V1: 9-2 Contestant Village[]

Nidhogg confirms with Yvette that all the work for the Contest have been allocated to different teams. Nidhogg takes care of the guard deployment himself and tells Yvette to go buy some clothes she likes. Meanwhile, Nikki and Bobo find the registration office. Nikki says that the best way to react to any potential plans by Queen Elle and the Iron Rose is to participate, and Bobo warms her up with a gothic themed battle.

V1: 9-3 Familiar Opponent[]

  • Possible Drop: Picnic Cloth, White Jeans (Maiden), Saint Nun (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Maple Winter Clothes
  • Key Words: the maple leaf themed winter outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Pure, Warm, Winter

The group meets the North designer Kane again. Kane says she has prepared for the Contest, as a good designer should have a grasp of styling skills and know what clothes are needed. She has a battle with Nikki before the contest begins.

V1: 9-4 Masked Person Again[]

Momo tries to call for help after seeing the heavily-armed woman from Moon Inn, but the woman Qiong tells them she is a contestant from a confidential nation and family. She overpowers the group with her aura and has a styling battle with Nikki.

V1: 9-5 Ancient Pavilion Duo[]

  • Possible Drop: Kerchief-Pink, Classical Socks-Red (Maiden), Sweetness (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Carp Chinese Clothing
  • Key Words: modern Cloud Empire suit with a koi fish theme
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool, Modern China

Winter and Fu Su call out to Nikki and her friends. Fu Su tells her that the Designer's Tea Party and Fantasy Styling Contest are the two biggest events for designers and stylists, and if Nikki wins she can make a name for herself. Fu Su abstains from participating, content with just learning more about the outside world.

V1: 9-6 Serial Competitions![]

  • Possible Drop: Common Coat, Green Apple Soda (Maiden), Blonde Doll (Princess)
  • Style: Style according to the theme
  • Key Words: A casual Apple lady dress and an Apple high-class ready-to-wear suit

Theme 1[]

  • Theme: Lady's casual wear of Apple
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Pure, Cool

Theme 2[]

  • Theme: Upscale ready-to-wear of Apple
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool

Nikki is nervous, but a mysterious man called Fantasy Envoy comes and tells them he is gauging the ability of young stylists. Nikki remarks he feels familiar, but the Envoy just attributes it to him having a certain affinity. He lets Nikki be the first to try out his Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill to help her practice her skills.

V1: 9-7 Prince's Visit[]

  • Possible Drop: Lampwick-Brown, Condensed Cloud (Maiden), Holy Notes (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Futuristic Fashion
  • Key Words: simple, sci-fi style
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool, Future

Nikki is tired after the battle and Momo says he feels tensed up by the Envoy's existence. Royce and Neva come up for a bit, Royce telling them how tired he is from hosting the event for the first time. After Neva leaves first, Royce comments on how Neva seems quiet since coming back to Lilith. He introduces Nikki to the Ruin style and has her compete against Neva.

V1: 9-8 Prince's Request[]

Royce tells them he had been waiting to see if Nikki would come, so he came immediately with Neva when he learned she signed up. He confides that both he and Nidhogg feel like someone is trying to cause trouble at the Contest, possibly something more complicated that just Queen Elle and the Iron Rose. With his sister ill and Nidhogg dealing with most of the political affairs, he does not have a full grasp of the situation, so he asks Nikki to win the Contest and become an Imperial Stylist of the Lilith Kingdom that he can fully trust. Nikki tells him that because of her promise with Kimi, she will try her best to win no matter what.

V1: 9-9 One-piece Dress[]

  • Possible Drop: Golden Screen, Lime Pie (Maiden), Prayer's Voice (Princess)
  • Style: Seek European Assassin Garb
  • Key Words: The swordsman outfit I'm wearing, a gorgeous and lively one-piece dress, and also there is an elegant Pigeon Lady style!

Theme 1[]

  • Theme: Swordswoman Ace
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool, Gorgeous, Swordsman

Theme 2[]

  • Theme: Gorgeous Dress
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Lively, Cute, Sexy, Cool

Theme 3[]

  • Theme: Perfect Pigeon Lady
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Pure, Cool

A swordsman sees them talking to Royce and strikes up conversation. She introduces herself as Ace and befriends Nikki and company. Ace is amused by Momo, comparing him to the Fantasy Envoy and tells them that she has traveled around since she was a child, so she has run into him many times in many places. She calls the Fantasy Stylist a lunatic for showing the world every time he makes something new, like the Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill. Ace is attending the Fantasy Styling Contest as well but is bored, so she challenges Nikki to three themes at once, making Momo remark she is a lunatic as well.

V1: 9-S1 Manga Artist Annabel (4)[]

  • Possible Drop: Relaxing Bubble Gum (Maiden), Candy (Princess)
  • Style: Lively, Cool
  • Key Words: seaside holiday swimsuits
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool, Swimsuit

Annabel informs them that her manga has been published and received great reviews. Bobo asks if the hero and heroine get married, but Annabel says for now the hero is preparing a romantic confession at Wintermount, causing all of them to reminiscence the seaside town.

V1: 9-S2 Bookish Girl Timi (5)[]

  • Possible Drop: Freshness (Maiden), Candy Hairpin (Princess)
  • Style: Elegance, Pure
  • Key Words: short Cloud Empire cheongsam
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Cool, Cheongsam

Bobo asks if Timi is on a date, but Timi is in fact participating in the Fantasy Styling Contest. She is about to graduate from the Cicia Design School and wants to know how good she is by attending. She is attending prom with her senior love later and asks Nikki for advice.

V1: 9-S3 Toto, Girl in Love (7)[]

  • Possible Drop: Plaid Bag-Red (Maiden), Cross Necklace, Cross (Princess)
  • Style: Mature, Sexy
  • Key Words: sassy mature lady outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool

Momo and Bobo are unsurprised by Toto having yet another boyfriend, this time a Scorpio doctor she met when she was sick at the hospital. Toto asks Nikki for an outfit for her date at a bar later.

Target Suits[]

Nikki is eager to dress as a lucky golden carp and doing well in the Fantasy Styling Contest.


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