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Chapter 6 Flower Field Encounter
Chapter 8 Mysterious Moonlit City

Chapter 7 Celestial Pavilion is the seventh chapter of Volume 1 of the story mode in Love Nikki.


Stage Style Maiden Drops Princess Drops
V1: 7-1 Autumn's Dream Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Silk Pajamas-White,
Crop Top-White (S-drop)

Cherry Earrings-Small

V1: 7-2 Mill's Heir Lunar Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Fishbone Top,
Trendsetter Slippers (S-drop)

Manor Flower

V1: 7-3 Modern Dancer Sofia Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Seashore Sandals,
Knee Stockings-Black (S-drop)

Azure Flower

V1: 7-4 Landlady of Celestial Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Duty Student,
Anchor Top-Blue (S-drop)

Wide Hat

V1: 7-5 Meet Bai Jinjin Again Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png

Gold Button Knot-White,
Felucca (S-drop)

Warbler Whisper

V1: 7-6 Quick-witted Nikki Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngPure.pngCool.png Modern China.pngEvening Gown.png

Hollow Feather,
Maiden's Heart-Blue (S-drop)


V1: 7-7 Precise Deception Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png European.pngEvening Gown.png

Silent Rose (S-drop)

Leather Shoes

V1: 7-8 Lu Yinian, the Heroine Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Swordsman.pngChinese Classical.png

Sugary Sweater,
Running Stream (S-drop)


V1: 7-9 To Moonlit City Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngPure.pngWarm.png Winter.png

Floral Headband,
Retro Sapphire (S-drop)

Rainy Season

V1: 7-S1 Office Lady Vivi (4) Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngPure.pngCool.png

Miss Poker (S-drop)

Oceanic Pearl

V1: 7-S2 Toto, Girl in Love (6) Simple.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png

Secretary-Shorts (S-drop)

Fashion Pioneer-Boy

V1: 7-S3 Meet the Prime Minister Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Army.png

Gray Dot (S-drop)


V1: 7-S4 Bookish Girl Timi (4) Simple.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Modern China.png

Floral Headband (S-drop)

First Bloom

V1: 7-S5 Sport Girl Aron (5) Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Sports.pngNavy.png

Tassel Handbag-Brown (S-drop)

Seashore Hat-Brown

Target Suits[]

Nikki decided to wear the Ink Orchid set to attend Landlady Lucky's wine banquet. Now go collect this set!

Chapter Summary[]

Nikki, Momo, Bobo and Lunar properly arrive at the Cloud Empire, more specifically to a border place known as the Celestial Pavilion and its biggest street, Long Street. Nikki and Bobo are amazed at how different Cloud Empire is from Lilith, so Lunar shows them around a bit before having to go attend some important matters related to her mother's business. Eventually, the group arrives at the famous Moon Inn, whose owner, Lu Yinian, was once a popular stylist. They soon find themselves caught in a very sticky situation!

Main Stages[]

V1: 7-1 Autumn's Dream[]

Bobo and Nikki are amazed by the scenery, but Momo is more focused on getting food. They see Autumn, who tells them all of the flower field fairies have left the ancient pavilion to travel the world. Autumn recommends the Moon Inn at the end of Long Street, but asks for a match with Nikki before they part ways.

V1: 7-2 Mill's Heir Lunar[]

While walking down the street true to its namesake, Nikki, Bobo, and Momo run into Lunar again, who had left them sometime after the Flower Field. Lunar came to collect spice for Cloud Calico fabric from her family's store, their secret dye the key to the unique fabric. Lunar invites them into the shop for snacks if Nikki wins their battle.

After the battle, a textile store servant informs Lunar that yeast was put into the spice, making the fabrics smell. The servant informs her that Lunar's mother asked her to hurry back to Moonlit City and Lunar parts ways with Nikki again.

V1: 7-3 Modern Dancer Sofia[]

Sofia calls out to Nikki, Momo, and Bobo. She says she is here for two precious treasures, as predicted by the Star Seer. When asked by Bobo why a dancer needed to find the treasures, Sofia responds that she is planning on creating a modern dance tour and hopes the treasure will give her inspiration.

V1: 7-4 Landlady of Celestial[]

The tired party finally reach Moon Inn, where they enjoy delicious home-cooked food. The landlady Lu Yinian notices they aren't from Cloud Empire and Nikki tells her about her plans to travel and become a better stylist. Lu Yinian remarks no one has talked to her about designing for a long time, and promises Nikki that if she beats her, she will promise her one thing.

V1: 7-5 Meet Bai Jinjin Again[]

Lu Yinian enjoys the battle with Nikki, stating she would have competed all day with her if she was ten years younger. Bai Jinjin spies Nikki and calls them into her room to talk. Zhong Lizi tells them that they tried heading north, but Bai Jinjin's health deteriorated too much for them to continue, so they decided to go back to their hometown, the most dangerous place being the safest place.

V1: 7-6 Quick-witted Nikki[]

Lu Yinian informs them that men from Bai Jinjin's family are coming and Bai Jinjin tries to calm down, saying her father wouldn't hurt her. Lu Yinian responds the men have a murderous expression and are after some precious treasure. Nikki remembers Sofia's purpose for coming and asks if Bai Jinjin is carrying any treasures with her. Bai Jinjin replies that she has a dress but her mother told her there is someone more important, and wonders if that could be a 'treasure'. Nikki devises to disguise as Bai Jinjin to buy the couple time to flee, and Lu Yinian gives her a design of Ink Orchid to help the deception.

V1: 7-7 Precise Deception[]

The waitress from Wintermount comes after Nikki thinking she is Bai Jinjin. She says she is Miss Mask from the Cloud Empire and was trying to stall Momo and Bobo back at the Designer's Tea Party, not expecting Dansu to disobey orders to bring back Bai Jinjin. Nikki continues to stall for time by asking questions and Miss Mask responds she only listens to Bai Jinjin's father, Bai Jinjin merely being the mission of her target. Nikki tells her she will go with her if Miss Mask beats her in a styling battle.

V1: 7-8 Lu Yinian, the Heroine[]

Since Bai Jinjin's weakness is the Pigeon style, Miss Mask realizes Nikki is an imposter. Miss Mask then recognizes that Nikki is the one who beat Dansu back at the Designer's Tea Party, and she wonders if Bai Jinjin isn't the treasure after all if she is so easy to impersonate. She decides to take Nikki back with her despite not being Bai Jinjin, but Lu Yinian shows up to help fight them off.

V1: 7-9 To Moonlit City[]

Lu Yinian handles all of the opponents, making Momo and Bobo look at her in awe. Nikki asks if she was a heroine in the past which Lu Yinian brushes off, saying the past is past but Nikki will be a treasure in the future. Lu Yinian tells them they should head to Moonlit City, and Nikki remembers Lunar and what happened earlier.

S-rank Stages[]

V1: 7-S1 Office Lady Vivi (4)[]

Momo, Bobo, and Nikki receive tickets for the Cruise Party from Lu Yinian, a festival on the Celestial Lake. At the boating entrance, they meet Vivi, who is working for the cruise. She tells them they have to beat her in order to board the cruise.

V1: 7-S2 Toto, Girl in Love (6)[]

Nikki gets them all grilled fish and roasted duck and meet Toto who is eating too. Bobo directly asks for the zodiac of Toto's new boyfriend, which turns out to be a Libra designer.

V1: 7-S3 Meet the Prime Minister[]

Nikki spies Yvette and Nidhogg, and Yvette introduces Nikki, Momo, and Bobo to the Prime Minister. Nidhogg determines that Nikki is the one who beat Yvette previously, and says he heard from Kimi that Nikki chose to train in Cloud Empire first, causing Nikki to get excited at the mention of Kimi's name. Nidhogg says they have a guest from Apple in Moonlit City, a very gentleman-like soldier, that she can learn from. Since Yvette expressed interest in the topic, Nidhogg has her compete in army style against Nikki.

V1: 7-S4 Bookish Girl Timi (4)[]

Nikki wonders why an Apple Federation officer would be in Moonlit City, but Bobo tells her not to think too much and to enjoy the cruise. Timi says hello to them, revealing she had received a love letter from her senior before she had confessed to him, so they are now on a date.

V1: 7-S5 Sport Girl Aron (5)[]

Aron comes over and asks why they are laughing. Nikki replies they had just received good news from their friend. Aron says then they would be happy for her too, as she is about to attend the Miraland Boat Race and believes she will win the championship, instead of her having a boyfriend as well like Bobo guessed. Nikki and Momo wish her good luck, and Aron asks Nikki for help changing into sun-proof sportswear.