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Chapter 4 The Tea Party
Chapter 6 Flower Field Encounter

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Mutated Tea Party is the fifth act in Volume 1 of the story mode of Love Nikki.


Nikki, Lunar, Bobo and Momo have now officially arrived to the Tea Party in Wintermount! There's a huge problem, though: their new friend and fellow model Bai Jinjin has run off after a fight with her boyfriend and stylist Zhong Lizi, so before they do anything in the Party, they must find her. And after that, it's time to get their stands and wardrobes ready for anything.


V1: 5-1 Girlfriend is gone![]

The others realize Bai Jinjin ran away crying, Momo saying that they were way too into the competition for him to tell them. Zhong Lizi realizes it was his fault for hurting her feelings by going behind her back, and that mutual trust is important. Zhong Lizi goes to find Bai Jinjin, and Nikki offers to help as well.

V1: 5-2 Search the Tea Cafe[]

After asking the staff of a restaurant, they find that a crying girl has passed through the back alley behind the kitchen with her friend twenty minutes ago. The waitress refuses to let them through, saying it was for employees only. Nikki sneakily looks at the waitress' outfit so that they can blend in and get through.

V1: 5-3 Strange Woman[]

The group runs into Neva and Zhong Lizi demands to know where Bai Jinjin is, but Neva asks for their relationship to Bai Jinjin instead. Neva sees Nikki and tells her that although her master said Nikki was a formidable stylist, all she sees is a whiny baby girl. However, Neva agrees to tell them where Bai Jinjin went if Nikki defeats her in a styling battle. Bobo remarks that she saw Neva before at Queen Nanari's royal ceremony and that she might possibly serve the queen or the prince, but Momo doesn't believe her.

V1: 5-4 Elopement![]

  • Possible Drop: Fresh Peach, Silk Lake (Maiden), Marine Flower, Azure Flower (Princess)
  • Style: Ninja Outfit or Kimono Dancing
  • Key Words: The opponent is a female ghost ninja
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Kimono, Dancer

Zhong Lizi finds Bai Jinjin and they reconcile, promising to always trust each other. Lunar notices the Cloud ninja nearby and Nikki says that when they got here, she and Bai Jinjin were arguing. The ninja calls Bai Jinjin by the title Lady and tells her not to defy her father's will. Bai Jinjin refuses and says if the ninja can defeat Nikki, she will return home with her. Nikki is incredulous at how she would defeat a ninja, but Bai Jinjin says that the Ghost Dancer Dansu's second most important skill is dressing up.

V1: 5-5 Meet Royce Again[]

Bai Jinjin and Zhong Lizi are grateful to Nikki. They had eloped, which is why they were being pursued. Zhong Lizi recounts the story of how he had planned to leave by himself and return when he was more successful, but when he was going to leave Bai Jinjin was in his yard with her luggage. They decide to leave the Fantasy Styling Contest before Dansu can change her mind, and they promise to treat Nikki to the best restaurant in Cloud when they meet again. After they part with Nikki, Royce suddenly shows up, introducing Neva as his stylist.

V1: 5-6 Bookish Girl Timi (3)[]

  • Possible Drop: Student Socks-Blue, Apricot Leaves (Maiden), Cowgirl (Princess)
  • Style: Chinese Republic Style Clothes
  • Key Words: Traditional student uniform
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm

Lunar and Nikki's booth is becoming popular, and Timi comes up and greets them. She heard of an amazing booth while in the Rose Garden, and guessed that it must be Nikki's. Timi is with her senior, but she still has not confessed her feelings, hoping to take it slow.

V1: 5-7 Manga Artist Annabel (3)[]

Bobo wonders where Nikki went, and Momo replies that Annabel had dragged Nikki off to an interview since Nikki was her muse. Annabel was interested if Nikki met any handsome designers, sighing that Nikki's cupid must be missing. She tells them she is going to the Wasteland booth for inspiration, since that is where her hero and heroine meet in her story.

V1: 5-8 Winter Clothes of Arctic[]

Bobo decides to introduce Nikki to the different styles of the nations. Momo asks which nation has the best grilled fish and Lunar actually responds seriously with North, to Nikki's amazement. They go check out the North Kingdom's booth, which is staffed by a designer named Kane. Kane introduces the North Kingdom as a nation that worships the army and combat, bathed in storm and fire. Nikki tries out the North winter style against Kane.

V1: 5-9 Office Lady Vivi (3)[]

  • Possible Drop: Cozy Shoes, Reind (Maiden), Denim Scarf (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous, Elegance
  • Key Words: Classy lady outfit
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool

Nikki is amazed by all the different styles, forgetting to list the Pigeon Kingdom, which Bobo reminds her of. Bobo tells them that Queen Elle won two of the three treasures in the Nine Day War and founded the Iron Rose Stylist Legion to demand precious clothing from everywhere, making the Pigeon Kingdom feel imposing. Nikki sees Vivi who passed her modeling interview and is styling at the Pigeon booth. Vivi wants to meet her supervisor in the afternoon and possibly land the chance to be a formal employee.

V1: 5-10 Rival Appears[]

Kimi and Joe have been watching Nikki for a while, noticing her natural talent, though she still has a long way to go. They go to say hi, and Nikki reveals she noticed them back in Cicia when Kimi and Joe went to see the Star Sea. Kimi introduces herself as a stylist for the Apple Federation Apparel Group and Joe as the Chief Designer. They say they came to find talented young stylists and chose Nikki, but would like for Nikki to compete against Kimi first. If Nikki wins, Kimi would help guide her to becoming a greater stylist.

V1: 5-11 Aim for Best Stylist![]

  • Possible Drop: Athletic Maiden, Flower Bud (Maiden), Red Apron (Princess)
  • Style: Beautiful Agent Suit
  • Key Words: Looks like a very skilled agent
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Swordsman

Kimi asks what Nikki thinks of styling, to which she responds that it’s not only about looking good, but also helping people to find positivity in facing life. Kimi is pleased with this answer, stating that a good stylist can extract the unique charm from each work infused by any designer, enable the wearer to feel the magic of the clothing, and help them face their life with more confidence. However, a masked woman shows up out of seemingly nowhere and tries to openly steal Lunar's designs, and Nikki defends them through a styling battle.

V1: 5-12 New Journey[]

  • Possible Drop: Sneakers-Green, Sexy Lace (Maiden), Reindeer Hat (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Elegance
  • Key Words: Modern style Cloud Empire apparel
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Modern China, Republic of China

The masked robber ruins the ratings at the Tea Party and drops a stylist badge of the Pigeon Kingdom. Kimi says it is unlike the Iron Rose Legion to be so weak and careless, and Royce remarks on the sharpness of the Apple Apparel Group's heir. Bobo realizes Royce is the prince and Neva is part of the Royal Guard. Nikki is amazed that Kimi seems to know everything, and Momo comments that Royce doesn't even cross her mind. Kimi tells Nikki to go travel and expand her horizons to improve her style and creativity. Momo and Bobo immediately chime up to go with Nikki, and Royce nearly joins in, only for Neva to stop him. Royce says if Neva can defeat Nikki, he'll return to the palace with her, otherwise she will have to go with him.

After the battle, Kimi tells Nikki to come back when she gets stronger, which Nikki happily agrees to. Neva is prepared to travel with Nikki, Momo, and Bobo, but Royce states that they start styling competitions wherever they go, and that the two of them should leave now and enjoy vacation. Neva smiles and Royce grumpily declares that only he gets to see Neva's smiling face before they leave.

V1: 5-S1 Master and Servant[]

  • Possible Drop: Cheese Stick (Maiden), Sapphire Sea (Princess)
  • Style: Cute, Pure
  • Key Words: Cute and Warm Winter outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Winter

Royce asks Neva to turn off her frigidness, which is messing up his charm as a designer and driving away beautiful ladies that could have been his models. Neva replies she is only following him because it is her duty, and she doesn't want to be traveling around with him either. Royce tells her to stop following him so she can finish her task, but Neva states her task is to bring Royce back to the palace. Nikki sees their tenseness and Royce immediately changes tone and asks Nikki to compete again.

V1: 5-S2 Seashore City[]

  • Possible Drop: Outfit Clash (Maiden), Denim Earring (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Cute
  • Key Words: Sailor Outfit
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Cool, Navy

Lunar and Nikki remark that although they don't know Royce's origins, he is a remarkable stylist. Neva asks Nikki to take over as Royce's stylist and tells Royce that if he goes back he could still be a stylist, but Royce says he finds inspiration now by traveling. Bobo wonders why Neva calls Royce Master when she's serving the royal family and is about to put together an explanation, but Royce calls Bobo a clever girl, making her too embarrassed to talk. Royce and Nikki continue to compete in their contest.

V1: 5-S3 Sexy Doctor[]

  • Possible Drop: Love Lock (Maiden), Oceanic (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Elegance
  • Key Words: Elegant Simple White Uniform
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Sexy, Cool, Paramedics

People start gathering around Nikki and Royce, who both have the best designs. Royce calls for one more round and says if she wins, he'll design for her in the future. Neva tells him that is breaking protocol, but Royce tells her it is his own decision. He wants to compete in a nurse theme, but when Lunar tells him she already won one, he changes to a doctor theme and looks for another stylist to pull off the sassy style.

Target Suits[]

The most famous apparel group in Apple Federal released a set of wasteland style outfits recently. Now go collect the Flower of Wasteland set!


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