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Chapter 18 Gun under Morning Star
Chapter 19 II Daybreak War

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Daybreak War is the first part of Chapter 19 in Volume 1 of the Journey in Love Nikki. The story continues in the second part: V1: Chapter 19 II Daybreak War. This chapter became available in April of 2019.[1]


Nikki, Kimi, Bobo, and Momo head off to Losol to find out what happened to Kimi's dad, but they quickly run into a problem: the deadly assassin Shade has been spotted in the city. Orlando has no choice but to take them inside the League Tyr's outpost, and things only get more dangerous from there. They go to an unconventional church so that they can lie low for the time being, but Bobo's abrupt disappearance combined with some suspicious nuns is only the start of Nikki's troubles.


V1: 19-1 North Losol[]

On the train to Losol, Kimi guesses that her father arranged the auction to draw out people after the White Blossom, but there are still many questions. On another note, Kimi reveals a crystal butterfly ring she took from the Apple Apparel Group's treasury that was designed by King Sayet. Nidhogg's necklace seems to be one of King Sayet's works as well.

The train is stopped at Saitiroth Town due to Shade being spotted fifteen minutes ago near Losol. Orlando shows his credentials to the marshal so that they can continue on, but the marshal asks to verify their identities.

V1: 19-2 Town Dessert Chef[]

The group is allowed to continue, but Orlando takes them to the woods southwest of Losol, saying he has something to check out first. The rest of the group wonder if it is regarding Shade and asks to hear Orlando's plan. He reveals that he planned to infiltrate a League post to gather info, but now that he thinks about it, leaving them alone would be dangerous as well. As Bobo wonders what cool outfit she can wear to infiltrate an enemy post, Momo remarks she could wear a pastry chef outfit and throw pies at the enemy. Orlando agrees that a small-town chef outfit could be a convincing disguise.

V1: 19-3 Lion in the Road[]

  • Possible Drop: Neon Leap (Maiden), Veronica (Princess)
  • Style: Simple, Lively
  • Key Words: inconspicuous clothing
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Cute, Pure, Warm

After successfully entering the post and the main building, which seems to be devoid of people, they spy a console displaying an unread message. With a new invention from the Federal Academy of Sciences, Orlando decodes the message, which targeted Kimi's father. After erasing the message to buy Schiller some more time, Ozeca, who seems to be berating Shade, is heard outside. Shade throws the case with White Blossom towards Ozeca and heads to the armory, saying his mission is complete. While Ozeca is still annoyed, Orlando puts his gun to her head and the rest of the group prepare to escape.

V1: 19-4 Losol Shadow[]

Nikki grabs the White Blossom case and they dash for the door, but Bobo trips and falls on the racks. Shade comes out with a gun aimed at Bobo, and Orlando audibly releases his gun's safety. After assessing the situation, Shade puts down his gun, saying he had no further relation to the White Blossom after completing his mission. The girls run for it, but as Orlando backs away, Shade raises his gun at Orlando, asking if Orlando would thank him, then lowers it and says he was kidding, and that they were even now.

Together the group arrive at Losol, which is less lawless and chaotic than they had guessed from the rumors. Orlando takes them to Losol Church where he asks the gun-wielding nun Azula to house the rest of the group for a few days. Azula challenges Nikki, saying Losol Church does not accept the weak.

V1: 19-5 Part under Moon[]

Orlando tells them the church is cooperating with the Federal Security Agency and asks them to stay there and call him or Azula if there's any trouble. At midnight, Momo awakens from a dream where Bobo stole his grilled fish. Seeing Bobo walk out of the room, he chases her outside the church and yells at her to give his fish back. Bobo however seems strange, and she kneels down to hug Momo.

When they wake up, they find a note from Bobo saying she had to return to Lilith for something important. Kimi is suspicious and thinks it might be a trap, but Momo realizes that Bobo last night wasn't a dream. While Nikki wants to go out and ask around, Kimi raises doubts about Bobo, such as how could a self-proclaimed ordinary Lilith stylist know so much about the White Blossom or even agree to come to Losol where it was dangerous? Nikki recalls incidents with Bobo that shakes her faith, but Momo's conviction in Bobo stops their doubts and they apologize. They plan to go out and find Bobo after a meal.

V1: 19-S1 Miss Mask of Cloud[]

While wondering if there are other nations' organizations in Losol outside of the church, Bobo spies a woman in a cheongsam, who stares intimidatingly back at them. Nikki recognizes her as Miss Mask, who challenges Nikki to a cheongsam battle.

V1: 19-S2 Seer's Guide[]

When Bobo is worried about getting lost after so many turns, Momo assures her it isn't as bad as the Fantasy Envoy's crazy styling skills, prompting the Envoy to pop out. Bobo wants to leave as soon as possible, but the Envoy says he can point them to the right road if Nikki beats him.

V1: 19-S3 Traveler in Pigeon[]

After finally getting out of the alley, they see Ace and go and greet her. Ace wonders what they were doing in the dark alleys of Losol, and Bobo replies that they were lost, then turning the question back to Ace. Ace says she is meeting a friend and asks Nikki to help her prepare with a styling battle.

Extra Content[]

V1: 19-Side Story 1 Nightmare Puzzle[]

After Nikki, Momo, and Kimi decide to go find Bobo, a young nun brings breakfast to their room, saying Azula was busy and that she was here in her stead. Suspicious of the food, Kimi has them go to the cafeteria. However, after enjoying the food they begin to feel drowsy, realizing too late that even the food in the cafeteria was drugged...

Target Suits[]


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