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Chapter 19 I Daybreak War
V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren

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Daybreak War is the second part of Chapter 19 and is the last chapter of Volume 1 of the Journey in Love Nikki. It finishes the story that began in the first part: V1: Chapter 19 I Daybreak War. This chapter became available in April of 2019.[1]


Nikki, Kimi, and Momo find themselves on an airplane with White Blossom, a terrifying hologram of the Demon Doctor, and no escape. They resign themselves to their fate as it lowers down to a camp in the North Kingdom. And when faced with the choice between handing over the White Blossom to Nidhogg or facing the danger that accompanies refusal, Kimi and Nikki don't see eye to eye...


V1: 19-6 Iron Cage[]

The group wakes up alone on a plane with no communication devices, yet the White Blossom is still in its case on an operating table. Kimi says she found some other strange things on the plane as well.

V1: 19-7 Carnival Prelude[]

The cabin is filled with the strong smell of disinfectant and containers of illicit chemicals. A man comes out of the cockpit and introduces himself as Grey Raven and tells them to dress up for a party planned just for them. Kimi throws a jar through Grey Raven, whose image was being projected in front of them using Light-Grid Imaging, and proceeds to the cockpit to try and take control of the plane, but fails.

V1: 19-8 Freezing Airline[]

The image of Grey Raven disappears after beating him in a styling contest. The plane is still locked on a flight path and the group goes around looking for ways to escape. However, they are unsuccessful and the plane begins to descend, dropping them off at the League Till's base.

V1: 19-9 Battle of Dawn[]

Soldiers surround the plane and laugh seeing the message 'A gift to Colonel Nidhogg' on the outside. They take the White Blossom, but Nikki challenges the League's soldier in a styling battle for the White Blossom, guessing they would be too afraid of the Blood Curse to use force. Nidhogg appears and tells them to hand over the White Blossom, and Kimi decides to comply if they get escorted back, not willing to risk her friends and family over a dress. Nikki refuses, saying that Kimi had said to not give up while on the plan, and she won't either.

Nikki loses the styling battle against Nidhogg, and as the Dark Verdict almost strikes Nikki, another blade similar to Nikki's Dawnblade blocks the sword, wielded by a silver-haired man. Ace comes and escorts them out of the base to an airship where Debbie was waiting.

Extra Content[]

V1: 19-Side Story 2 Future Promise[]

On the airship, Ace connects a communicator to Orlando, who had heard from Azula about their abduction and asked Ace for help. Nikki and Kimi apologize for getting themselves into trouble and losing the White Blossom but Orlando assures them it wasn't their fault. He had gotten in touch with Kimi's father, but is unable to disclose much. Orlando promises he'll bring her father back and will meet them at Rolterdan.

V1: 19-Side Story 3 Future Poem[]

Nikki still has many questions about Miraland, Nidhogg's actions, the silver-haired man, Bobo, and ultimately her purpose for being brought over from Earth. In the quiet night, the airship carries them on to the future...

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