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Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall
Chapter 19 I Daybreak War

Gun under Morning Star is the eighteenth chapter in Volume 1 of the story mode in Love Nikki.


Stage Style Maiden Drops Princess Drops
V1: 18-1 Star's Riddle Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Evening Gown.png


Orange Mood

V1: 18-2 Star Dresser Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngWarm.png Office.png

Textured Shorts

Reflexive Red

V1: 18-3 Welton's Night Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Winter.png

Candy lover

School Braid

V1: 18-4 Trace White Blossom! Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Preppy.png

Lacquered Star

Courageous Step

V1: 18-5 Masked Thief Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngSexy.pngCool.png Harajuku.png

Surprising Reflection

Box of Matches

V1: 18-6 Sneak into Group Building Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngWarm.png Rock.png

Candy Ice Cream

Spiral Decision

V1: 18-7 Betrayal and Loyalty Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Goddess.png

Golden Triangle Earrings,
Daytime Stars (S-drop)

Tracking Fragrance

V1: 18-8 Lie and Truth Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngWarm.png Army.png

Tassel Tank Top,
Love Mark (S-drop)

Luojin Necklace,
Flower Depth (S-drop)

V1: 18-9 The gun under Morning Star Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Sports.png

Surging Night,
Thousand-layered Cake (S-drop)

Blue Wish,
Wind of the Flower

V1: 18-S1 Vivi's Dream Simple.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Classic Cool Style,
Cross Grid (S-drop)

Collage Dream

V1: 18-S2 Bookish Debbie Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Fairy.png

Unusual Splendor,
Star of the Ocean (S-drop)

Soft Warm Socks

V1: 18-S3 Run! Cali! Gorgeous.pngLively.pngCute.pngSexy.pngCool.png European.png

Candy Girl,
Metal Punk (S-drop)

Warm Light

Target Suits[]

The city is back to silence and the morning star rises. Be bold and step on the new journey.

Chapter Summary[]

Nikki, Kimi, Momo and Bobo must hurry! The White Blossom dress, the most beautiful gown of the Apparel Group AND an extremely important treasure for Kimi and her father, has been taken by the mysterious Phantom Thief! As Reid and Charles try to calm down the crowds and gather information, the group does their best to slide away from the crime scene, chasing after both culprit and gown...

They eventually manage to catch up... then the thief officially reveals their identity, explains themself, drops vital info about the culprits and then returns the White Blossom to Kimi. It looks like things will go well after all - but confronting the masterminds behind the theft will not be easy, even with Orlando's help, and double when their antagonists bring in their actual trump card.

Main Stages[]

V1: 18-1 Star's Riddle[]

After returning back to the banquet hall, they see Charles and Reid calm the crowd, saying that the police would arrive shortly. Worried that Kimi's identity would be revealed, they turn to the accessory Nikki picked up from the thief. Nikki connects Sofia to both instances a crime was committed in front of them. Sofia notices and gestures to them using the federal army tactical code, telling them to stand by.

V1: 18-2 Star Dresser[]

When the police arrive, Hiber throws the group into the spotlight by saying she saw them leave using the secret passage. Without any credentials and unable to reveal Kimi's name, they are in a pinch, but Reid comes over and vouches for their identities, saying Nikki is the Mercury Group's makeup specialist. Pressured by Reid, Hiber backtracks her earlier testimony, but the officer still tests Nikki's makeup artist look.

V1: 18-3 Welton's Night[]

After the police leave and the White Blossom search turns up fruitless, Reid takes them to the Mercury studio. Kimi says Reid was passing on a message from her father during their dance, and the Mercury Group's info says that her father is imprisoned in the treasure room, but the key, Eris' Kiss, was also stolen. They plan to go see Joe, but Reid is annoyed that Kimi doesn't ask for his help when she's in trouble. Kimi insists that this is the Apple Apparel Group's issue and she doesn't want Reid to get involved. He concedes, telling her he's always on her side.

V1: 18-4 Trace White Blossom![]

Outside, the group discusses their suspicions on Sofia and Hiber, ending up with the conclusion that they need Sofia's explanation. A helicopter lands near the Apple Apparel Group's entrance, and worried that the thief is still eyeing the Group's costumes, they run through a shortcut through a baseball field to confront them.

V1: 18-5 Masked Thief[]

When they arrive at the helicopter, the lady thief reveals herself as Sofia. She says that Hiber stole the White Blossom, but she got it back outside the dining hall and returns it in a suitcase to Kimi. Orlando appears and tells them Reid had orchestrated the whole thing, and he was chasing a hitman, Shade, also connected to Reid before he lost his trail.

The information Reid gave Kimi might be a trap, but Kimi decides to head to the treasure room nonetheless and use the White Blossom to draw them out. Sofia escorts them to the roof before flying off, and Nikki distracts the guards by placing weird clothes on a fence.

V1: 18-6 Sneak into Group Building[]

The building is still busy as the Spring Show is a week away, but the top floor with the chairman's office should be quiet. The chairman's secretary sees them, but it is Vivi, who comes to her own conclusion that Nikki is present as she is the Apple Apparel Group's model. She tells them that Charles isn't here, but would return soon and that they could wait in the reception room.

V1: 18-7 Betrayal and Loyalty[]

Kimi knows the guards at the office and goes to ask them herself. The guards are surprised at Kimi's arrival and say they don't know anything about her father's disappearance. Unconvinced, the group presses the guards, and Kimi attempts to enter and search the office forcefully, asking which chairman the guards obey, her father or Charles. Nikki helps her defeat the guards with a styling battle.

V1: 18-8 Lie and Truth[]

After defeating the guards, Kimi leads the group to the treasure room, but it is devoid of people and everything is untouched. Orlando goes to find the surveillance footage, but Charles arrives in the corridor, so Bobo and Momo run off after Orlando. Nikki and Kimi confront Charles, Kimi showing a memory card and saying her father walked out of the room on his own accord and Charles handed him a briefcase and ticket to Losol, a city of crime and sin. She asks for an explanation, but Charles apologizes and says he remains loyal to her father and calls the guards to remove them from the area.

The guards unexpectedly turn on Charles and Reid shows up. He confesses that he ordered the theft of the White Blossom, but with many people after it, he would like Kimi to hand it over so that her life isn't in danger. Kimi is mistrustful of Reid, who says he only wants to help, but before he could finish Orlando pulls Kimi out of the way of a bullet from outside. Reid yells at the man at the window that he told him he would handle Kimi, but the man raises his gun again.

V1: 18-9 The gun under Morning Star[]

The man and Orlando stand off, but Orlando seems to recognize him, calling him Flynn. In the deadlock, Charles suddenly grabs the White Blossom and runs for it, but is shot down by the sniper. The man says Orlando is mistaken and takes the case from under Charles' lifeless body and disappears through the window. It is apparent Reid had not expected this, and tells them that that was the League Till's weapon Shade. Kimi asks Orlando how could such a man be Flynn, but Orlando merely replies he wishes he was wrong.

Orlando and Kimi apologize to Charles, realizing they had gravely misunderstood him. Kimi tells Reid that trusting him was the most foolish thing she has done, but Reid does not ask for forgiveness, saying he had no choice. They determine that Reid is working with Nidhogg and Orlando and Kimi tell him he will have to pay for his actions. Reid bids them farewell and leaves. After a while, Kimi asks Nikki, Momo, and Bobo if they'd be willing to go to Losol with her to find her father. They agree without hesitation, and Orlando decides to escort them to the lawless city. Kimi also reveals that she found a clue regarding Nidhogg's necklace...

S-rank Stages[]

V1: 18-S1 Vivi's Dream[]

Nikki, Momo, and Bobo recognize Vivi, who says she is working as a secretary for the Apple Apparel Group. As modeling is her dream, Vivi came to Welton to join the Federal Model Company, and after working in the Group and gaining experience she has earned an interview chance. Still nervous, she asks for Nikki's help with a supermodel's dress.

V1: 18-S2 Bookish Debbie[]

Bobo, Momo, and Nikki meet Debbie, who came for the Welton City Library alone when the rest of the Iron Rose members wouldn't join her. Bobo is distracted by how cute Debbie is when she is serious and describing the library and surreptitiously asks Nikki to challenge Debbie in Lilith style to see Debbie in a Lilith skirt.

V1: 18-S3 Run! Cali![]

Cali comes and greets them, saying she was returning from an interview and heading to her office. Bobo asks her about her latest scoop and she tells them to look out for the next Amphithea News. However, as her next job was at the Pigeon embassy, a style she isn't good with, she asks Nikki for help with a styling battle.

V1: 18-Side Story 1 Promise of Compromise[]

In the suburbs of Welton, Sofia jumps out of a helicopter on top of a villa. Hiber opens the door and tells Sofia how dare she tell her to hand over the White Blossom. Sofia is about to explain but Hiber cuts her off by predicting her words: 'But White Blossom belongs to her! But White Blossom is important to her! But only she can bring out the full brilliance of White Blossom!' Hiber tells Sofia that was lucky and not to do it again.

Sofia came to warn her about getting close to Reid, but Hiber says he's her boss and she even failed her mission. Guessing her answer, Sofia then hands Hiber an invitation. She asks if this made up for the loss of White Blossom and is enough to promise her to stay away from Reid. Sofia says it is her priceless commission and asks Hiber to go with her, to which Hiber agrees smugly.