Besieging Of The Cloud City
Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall

Chapter 16
Night before Storm is the sixteenth chapter in Volume 1 of the story mode in Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

After leaving Cloud City on the airship, Nikki, Bobo, Momo and the Iron Rose meet the adorable Debbie. She and the other Iron Rose are on the hunt for clues about Nidhogg, but when Cali the Amphithea reporter gets news about the Apple Apparel Group switching hands and Nikki hears a friend is in town to talk to her, it begins to sound like Kimi could be in trouble...

Stages Edit

V1: 16-1 Return to Cloud City Edit

Nikki travels back with the Iron Rose on their airship and discusses the appearance of Louie after Lunar's death. They discern that Louie, though dressed in a North soldier's uniform, was probably not on the same side as Nidhogg since Nidhogg was part of only one faction within North (the League Tyr) and that the North did not condone the League Tyr's actions. They also discovered that Cali had secretly boarded the airship.

V1: 16-2 Troubled Times Edit

  • Possible Drop: Tartan Dress (Maiden), Staple Gun (Princess)
  • Style: Elegance, Sexy
  • Key Words: the Apple Federation's Haute Couture
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Mature, Sexy, Cool

Cali tells them about the North royal family's statement on the matter and the Tyre Coalition's explanation for the fight, which feels more like an excuse. She draws attention to the necklace that Nidhogg was holding, and Ransa tells Nikki investigating the necklace might be her best bet. Before she leaves, Cali also informs them that the Apple Federation Apparel Group appointed their CFO Charles as the new president. Knowing the next heir was Kimi, Bobo and Nikki decide to head to Apple after reporting on the events at Cloud City to Lor River City.

V1: 16-3 The Dwarf Stylist Edit

After the airship lands, they are met with a dwarf, Debbie, who is upset that the rest of the Iron Rose members had left without her, though they had in fact called her and she was too engrossed in her book to notice. Bobo can't believe that a cute dwarf would be a member of the Iron Rose, even if she was the tenth, and Debbie challenges Nikki to the Wasteland style after the other members spoke highly of her.

V1: 16-4 Cannot Be Underestimated Edit

  • Possible Drop: Dark Silence (Maiden), Gloves of Mechanics (Princess)
  • Style: Seek Pigeon Scholar Dress
  • Key Words: the Pigeon scholar
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Preppy

After Debbie fails miserably, she calls for a rematch, stating that she flipped to the wrong page in her book, her major reliance in styling battles. After competing with Nikki again, Debbie's skill is better showcased, and Nikki parts ways with the Iron Rose.

V1: 16-5 Special Agent Neva Edit

  • Possible Drop: Fresh Leggings, Cold Blue (Maiden), Wind Jade Crown (Princess)
  • Style: Mature, Sexy
  • Key Words: low-key special agent costume
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool, Swordsman

Nikki, Momo, and Bobo head to the crowded Luochuan Train Station where they bump into Neva, who was dispatched to investigate regarding Nanari's disappearance and Nidhogg's intentions.

V1: 16-6 Airship's Lies Edit

Huo Qizhou is told about the fall of Cloud City and reprimanded by Momo, Bobo, and Nikki for sitting on the sidelines. When he hears they came on the Iron Rose's airship, he is insistent on inviting them in, and Nikki lies that they can't meet because they had to repair their airship. After finally stressing the Iron Rose can't come, he has Nikki and her friends stay the night, which Momo wants to refuse, but Huo Qizhou says there is no space in the inns and it is not the time to refuse.

V1: 16-7 Cloud Empire Anecdote Edit

Nikki and her friends stay in General Huo's palace and Momo wonders why they can't leave, when a female counselor tells them it is to prevent fear spreading among the city's residents. They see Zhong Lizi again and are introduced to Zhu Ruosheng, the military advisor for Luochuan City. Zhuo Ruosheng lets loose that there will be consequences coming from the imperial court for Huo Qizhou's actions. Zhong Lizi tells them about Zhuo Ruosheng's accomplishments and a bit about the Four Clans of Cloud. Zhuo Ruosheng is of the Southern House of Zhu, and Bai Jinjin is part of the Bai House, which handles the court. Zhu Ruosheng's original intention in meeting Nikki was to pass on a message from an old friend who is waiting in the woods outside the city. Zhong Lizi and Zhu Ruosheng escort Nikki out of the city.

V1: 16-8 Reunion in the Forest Edit

Nikki is determined not to miss out another chance to help a friend and follow the signs to a small shack. Kimi opens the door with a red skirt to Nikki's concern. She tells them Orlando took a bullet to the shoulder for her and leads them inside, where Orlando is with his wound bandaged. Orlando tells them that Apple and Tyre Coalition have teamed up against the Cloud Empire, Kimi's father and Joe were captured, and that Charles took over the group's shares. Kimi feels helpless and lost, and Orlando tells her that people will try to capture her and that she should remain with Nikki in Cloud to be safe. Kimi doesn't want to trouble Cloud, but doesn't know how to save her father or the Group, and Nikki and Orlando remind her that she still has her friends.

V1: 16-9 Soldier's Decisions Edit

NOTE: The player will automatically lose the first duel with Orlando, even if they have the Dress and Shoes of Tipsy as Snow (the stage requirements). Then, the game will have Kimi telling Nikki to practice together and the following duel will be winnable as long as Nikki wears the required parts.

Kimi decides to stay in Cloud, but Orlando must head back to obey orders as a soldier, even if he will be a common enemy of the army and government if it is discovered he helped Kimi escape. Nikki tries to keep Orlando from returning, but he chooses to fight for his motherland. Nikki has a styling battle against Orlando to try and have him stay, but fails. Orlando acknowledges Nikki's talent, but her lack of experience can only take her so far. He parts with a reminder to remain calm and not trust too much in subjective judgement. The rest of them are silent after he leaves, but Kimi reminds Nikki to put faith in Orlando.

V1: 16-S1 Forest Maiden Neva Edit

  • Possible Drop: Sweet Pink (Maiden), Butterfly Antenna (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words: Dryad Girl
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, Dryad

Bobo and Momo remark on Neva's many outfits and Bobo has Nikki battle against the dryad style with Neva. When Neva doesn't see the point, Bobo tells her that taking on many identities and many matches is useful in a mission, prompting a straightforward agreement to the match from Neva.

V1: 16-S2 The Queen's Admirers Edit

  • Possible Drop: Blue Mood (Maiden), Floating Dream (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words: a classical dance dress in Pigeon Kingdom style
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegance, Cute, Pure, Warm, European

A Cloud Empire girl hails them down after seeing them leave from the Pigeon Legion Camp. A fan of Queen Elle, NIkki battles her in a Pigeon ball gown to realize her dream.

V1: 16-S3 Uniform Challenge Edit

  • Possible Drop: Trailed Upstyle (Maiden), Crane Cloak (Princess)
  • Style:
  • Key Words: the northern army uniform
  • Style Notes: Simple, Elegance, Mature, Pure, Warm, Army

After seeing Neva try many styles, Bobo is interested too, and wants to test something other than Lilith dresses so she doesn't fall behind Nikki.

Extra Content Edit

V1: 16-Side Story 1 Angry Reproach of Huo Qizhou Edit

General Huo Qizhou, angry that Zhong Lizi let Nikki escape, threatens to punish him. Zhong Lizi speaks up, asking if Huo feels remorseful for Lunar's death and the fall of Cloud City. Huo warns him, but Zhong Lizi keeps going, explaining the mistakes General Huo had made to cause the situation and says that he will be tried by the Imperial Judges. Huo Qizhou decides to lock up Zhong Lizi for half a month.

V1: 16-Side Story 2 Fortune Comes with Disaster Edit

A Cloud soldier lets Zhong Lizi out, and an emissary from Cloud Capital informs him that General Huo has been relieved of duty and that Zhong Lizi is the new General. He is surprised, but steels himself to make sure the North army doesn't advance.

V1: 16-Side Story 3 Rescue Edit

With Orlando gone, Nikki and Kimi discuss their next move. Kimi reveals that she wants to go back to the Apple Federation in order to strike first, since her father is in serious danger. Though it's dangerous, Nikki wants to go to Apple too in order to help her.

Target Suits Edit

Put on the high heel and dress. Dive into the disarray of White Blossom with elegant smile!

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