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  • Momo: Quiz time! Which zodiac sign is it this time? The winner can earn a sweet kiss from Momo!
  • Bobo: Then the prize is prize at all.
  • Nikki: Toto, every time I see you, you look so happy!
  • Toto: Hehe, because love is always surrounding me. Every time I go out, I insist on dressing up nicely. Maybe I might just meet my future boyfriend!
  • Nikki: Your boyfriends...
  • Toto: It's the Scorpio doctor I met last week at the hospital when I was sick! Nikki, you have no idea how handsome he is in his white doctor coat! I felt better the moment I saw him!
  • Bobo: Amazing...You can even find your love at a hospital? I guess it really is true that opportunities are only for those who are prepared.
  • Toto: We are going for a date at the bar tonight. Nikki, please pick a sassy mature lady outfit for me!


There is no concluding dialogue.