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  • Bobo: Timi! Timi! Are you here for a date?
  • Timi: Nope, I am here to take part in the Fantasy Styling Contest!
  • Momo: But aren't you still in school?
  • Timi: I'm about to graduate from the Cicia Design School!
  • Timi: Though I only went to Cicia to follow my senior love, I still want to attend the Fantasy Styling Contest to see how good I am!
  • Nikki: You can do it! Maybe we will meet at the contest!
  • Timi: You too, Nikki! You are the best stylist I have ever seen. I hope you will do great in the contest!
  • Timi: By the way, after the contest, I will go attend the prom with my senior love. I need your advice, Nikki.
  • Nikki: I think it's a good choice to wear a short Cloud Empire cheongsam. But I've never tried it before.
  • Bobo: Good idea! Everybody will be dressed in formal wear. You will really stand out, if you wear an elegant traditional chongsam!


There is no concluding dialogue.