• Annabel: I am here to share some good news. My manga has been published and has received rave reviews. The editor even asked me to write a sequel!
  • Nikki: Fantastic! Is this the love story between a stylist and a designer we talked about last time?
  • Annabel: Yeah! It's all thanks to Nikki, who gave me so much inspiration!
  • Bobo: What's the ending of the story? Did they get married?!
  • Annabel: Aha, not so fast!
  • Annabel: That might happen in one of the following sequels! The ending for now is the hero preparing to make a romantic 'Love Confession' at the seaside of Wintermount!
  • Nikki: That's so romantic! Speaking of which, Wintermount's beach is really beautiful!
  • Momo: And filled with sassy pretty girls in swimsuits!
  • Bobo: I want to get back to Wintermount for a vacation!
  • Annabel: Let's compete with seaside holiday swimsuits! I'll feel like we're there!


There is no concluding dialogue.

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