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  • Swordswoman: Was that Lilith's prince you were talking with?
  • Nikki: Hi there. those are two of my regular friends!
  • Swordswoman: Ouch, I thought I could meet someone special today.
  • Swordswoman: Forget it. Let's be friends! I am Ace. What's your name?
  • Nikki: Hi Ace, the name's Nikki. And these are my friends Momo and Bobo.
  • Momo: Wow, another pretty girl!
  • Ace: Haha, this cat is funny, just like the Fantasy Envoy!
  • Bobo: You met the Fantasy Envoy too?!
  • Ace: Yes, I've been traveling around since I was a child and I've bumped into him in many countries. He is a restless soul like me and spends his time wandering around.
  • Ace: Ha, I happened to meet him outside the city in the morning and he was telling me enthusiastically about how he had created a set of interlink combinations or something...
  • Nikki: Is it the 'Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill'?
  • Ace: Yes, that's it! Did you try it too?
  • Ace: This guy is literally a lunatic. Whenever he creates something new, he will let the whole word know it in a second.
  • Momo: He makes people nervous...
  • Ace: I am here to attend the stylist contest too. It's so boring just wandering around. Do you want to do some practice styling with me?
  • Nikki: Okay! What kind of practice are we doing?
  • Ace: Let me see. The swordsman outfit I'm wearing, a gorgeous and lively one-piece dress, and also there is an elegant Pigeon lady style!
  • Momo: Isn't this the way of the Fantasy Envoy? You're a lunatic just like him!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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