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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: The Fantasy Envoy was awesome, but now I feel so tired...
  • Momo: It's good he's gone now. I don't why but...His existence makes me all tensed up.
  • Bobo: Look, it's Prince Royce and Neva!
  • Royce: Hello, everybody! I knew you guys would be here! Also this is my first time hosting the Fantasy Styling Contest.
  • Royce: I have been working day and night so I am burned out!
  • Neva: Yes, your highness.
  • (After Neva leaves)
  • Royce: Actually, I used to think she was a wind bag, talking all day long trying to urge me back but when I came back to Lilith, she's gone all quiet...
  • Momo: So now you're complaining that she doesn't talk enough?
  • Royce: You little cat...!
  • Royce: By the way, Nikki, do you know about the Ruin Island? It's at the edge of Miraland; an advanced nation built on an industrial wasteland.
  • Royce: The people there are very good at a simple, sci-fi style. They're known as 'a nation of the future, driven by advanced technologies'.
  • Royce: I asked Neva to change into a Ruin Island styled outfit. Think about it for a while, then try styling.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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