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  • Nikki: I don't know why. I just feel so nervous.
  • Momo: There's this suffocating despair in the air.
  • Mysterious Man: Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you all! Let's be friends!
  • Bobo: Wow, you look so cool. Are you here to attend the contest? I'm Bobo. This is Nikki and Momo!
  • Mysterious Man: Just call me Fantasy Envoy. The Fantasy Styling Contest is about to start, so I came here to gauge the ability of the young stylists. I'm just going to be here for a little while.
  • Nikki: Have we met somewhere before? You look so familiar.
  • Momo: Familiar?..
  • Fantasy Envoy: Haha, many people have said that I possess a certain kind of affinity. Maybe that's what you're feeling.
  • Nikki: I see. Hello, Fantasy Envoy! It's good to know you!
  • Momo: I still feel nervous...
  • Fantasy Envoy: Seems like you are a contestant. Today is your lucky day. I can help you practice your styling skills.
  • Fantasy Envoy: I recently created a 'Super Fantasy Interlink PK Skill' and you can be the first one to experience it.
  • Nikki: Sounds cool!
  • Fantasy Envoy: Listen up! A casual Apple lady dress and an Apple high-class ready-to-wear suit! Begin!


There is no concluding dialogue.