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Opening: Edit

  • Winter: Fu Su, look! It's Nikki and her friends!
  • Fu Su: Nikki, Bobo, Momo! Long time no see! Did you come here directly from the Cloud Empire?
  • Bobo: Haha, it must be fate! We meet again so soon!
  • Nikki: Nice to see you! We left Ancient Pavilion for Long Street, then for Moonlit City. Then we heard there would be a Fantasy Styling Contest in Lilith, so we came here.
  • Fu Su: Yes, the Fantasy Styling Contest and the Designer's Tea Party are the two biggest annual events for stylists and designers.
  • Fu Su: If you can win the Fantasy Styling Contest, you will be a renowned stylist across the entire continent.
  • Winter: So why don't you join it?
  • Nikki: What? Fu Su isn't competing? Why not? It's such a good opportunity...
  • Fu Su: Ahaha, after so many years in the Ancient Pavilion, I just want to learn more about the outside world and see all these awesome stylists.
  • Momo: That sounds like one of those true masters...
  • Fu Su: The other day, I designed a modern Cloud Empire suit with a koi fish theme for Winter. Nikki, since we're here, you might as well try it on!

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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