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  • Nidhogg: Have you allocated all the preparation work for the Fantasy Styling Contest?
  • Yvette: Yes. All the work has been assigned to different teams. By the way, Prime Minister is it alright to schedule the guard deployment meeting for tomorrow?
  • Nidhogg: About the meeting, I will arrange it myself. You can have the day off tomorrow. Go and buy yourself some new clothes that you like.
  • Yvette: Um...Ye-yes, sir. Thank you Prime Minister!
  • Bobo: Nikki, look! That's the registration office straight ahead!
  • Momo: Let's take a look at the prize that the champion wins. Maybe it will be free grilled fish for an entire year, and hot ladies to grill them for you!
  • Bobo: Momo, you just ruined our whole team's image!
  • Nikki: Orlando said the Iron-and-Blood Queen might be planning something at the Fantasy Styling Contest. If we want to find out and react instantly,
  • Nikki: The best way to do that is to attend the contest ourselves.
  • Bobo: Yeah! And I believe Nikki is good enough to win the championship!
  • Momo: Why are you always stealing my lines! I should be the one who encourages Nikki to attend the contest!
  • Bobo: Humph, I can also help Nikki get warmed up, like helping her out with Gothic styled formal attire. Can you do that? All you can do is wear some different colored cloaks!!


There is no concluding dialogue.