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  • Lisa: Actually I am not the theater's manager. I was just working for the Lilith government from the start.
  • Bobo: Wo-hoo! So you're an agent!?! Cool!
  • Momo: So Lady Lisa is still single. That boyfriend must be a guest actor!
  • Nikki: Momo always has a weird perspective...
  • Lisa: The original aim was to investigate the mysterious phantom thief and protect the Star Sea, but the Prime Minister and the thief's family negotiated and reached an agreement...
  • Bobo: But why were guards sent to catch the thief?
  • Lisa: It was just a distraction. Although privately we had started to cooperate, we still needed to catch someone to hide the truth.
  • Momo: So all these things were done, to deceive a common enemy?
  • Nikki: So, who is the common enemy of the Lilith Kingdom and the thief's family?
  • Lisa: Yes, you're right. That's why I dressed up as a thief. I was helping the real thief escape.
  • Lisa: About the common enemy, you will know soon enough.
  • Bobo: Ouch, you are leaving us in the dark again!
  • Lisa: Yes, now let's practice on a pure female teacher style. It's my next quest. Then it'll be goodbye for us.


There is no concluding dialogue.