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  • Nikki: I'm still confused. Does the Pigeon Queen want to take all the treasures for herself, then rule the whole continent?
  • Orlando: Nidhogg and I don't have many clues either. But surely it's not anything good.
  • Momo: My grandpa's grandpa didn't say we would encounter something this dangerous!
  • Nikki: The Mayor said that I might not be able to return to my previous world. Is that true?
  • Mayor: Oh, come on! It's a joke! I promise!
  • Mayor: If you really want to know more about the prophecy and the stuff about getting back home, you can pay a visit to the Star Seer!
  • Nikki: Star Seer...
  • Orlando: Since the problem in Moonlit City is clear now, you should go help out with the Fantasy Styling Contest.
  • Bobo: Ah! You mean the annual Fantasy Styling Contest in the capital of Lilith?!
  • Orlando: Yeah, Nidhogg is hurrying back to the country to assist Prince Royce in holding the contest.
  • Orlando: Based on what we've seen up until now, the Pigeon Queen might take some action at this grand gathering.
  • Orlando: After all, countless outstanding stylists will show up in the capital with their excellent work. The Iron Rose surely won't miss that.
  • Bobo: I will not allow this kind of thing to happen in Lilith! Nikki, we have to stop them!
  • Bobo: I will register you for the contest. With your ability, you will definitely be able to scare them away!
  • Momo: That's true! Mela has lost to Nikki twice in a row!
  • Mayor: You seem to have made your decision! I still have a city to rule, so I won't go to the Fantasy Styling Contest.
  • Mayor: Why don't you girls dress up in Lilith's fantasy dress and let me see how you look! Then I will prepare some supplies for you and see you off!


There is no concluding dialogue.