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  • Orlando: Nikki has beaten you. So can you tell us now?
  • Orlando: What agreement did you and the Iron Rose reach and what are you planning to achieve?
  • Mayor: Humph, yeah yeah I got it. I'll tell you.
  • Nikki: Lunar!
  • Lunar: Nikki, Momo, Bobo!
  • Momo: Huh? Lunar, aren't you imprisoned by this lord?
  • Lunar: Actually, I just heard from my mother that a couple of months ago, the Pigeon Queen sent Mela to talk to the Mayor of Moonlit City, asking her to cooperate with the Iron Rose to rob rare designs and materials together, with the bait being a share of the loot.
  • Mayor: And I, the smart mayor, pretended to accept the offer, secretly gathering people's valuables and hiding them in a safe cellar under Moonlit City.
  • Mayor: In addition, I asked Lunar's mother at the Silk Shop to make a batch of pretty-looking but actually common designs and clothes so that I could deceive Mela!
  • Nikki: But, what about the yeast powder you put in all of the family's spices?
  • Mayor: That was for show! It was to make them believe that the whole batch of Cloud Calico had been destroyed so Mela wouldn't touch them.
  • Mayor: When Lunar arrived at Moonlit City yesterday, I sent people to damage the Silk Shop. They in fact picked up Lunar and helped her make the designs and clothes.
  • Bobo: Wow... This is brilliant!
  • Orlando: It's just as Nidhogg and I thought. The Iron Rose is seeking alliances in the continent, preparing for some even crazier moves.
  • Mayor: This will only stall their efforts for a short while. I have no idea what the Pigeon Queen plans to do next.
  • Nikki: Plot?! So then, are we to fight against the Pigeon Queen?
  • Mayor: Nikki, you surely are smart! Remember, the real enemy is the unknown. If you can't fulfill the prophecy, you will never be able to return to the world you came from.
  • Nikki: What?!
  • Mayor: Oh, hahaha, kidding~kidding! Speaking of the Iron-and-Blood Queen, I want to dress up as a Pigeon Elf. I think I will definitely look more beautiful!
  • Bobo: That reminds me of the Light Elf and the Dark Elf, nothing could go wrong if I dressed like that!


There is no concluding dialogue.