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  • Nikki: Orlando is awesome. He can just walk us into the Mayor's mansion through the front door!
  • Orlando: Why is that cat staring at me like that... Nothing big, I have a diplomatic token from the Apple government, so I won't be checked and questioned.
  • Mayor: But this is still my Moonlit City, not your territory. Where does that cockiness come from?
  • Momo: What the?!
  • Bobo: Oh my!
  • Nikki: Wait....that's the girl who competed with me...
  • Momo: I am... stunned.
  • Mayor: Ahahaha, you guys are still so funny! I have been waiting for you for a long time! Why were you so slow?
  • Mayor: What's the point of competing with this guy wearing glasses? Boring!
  • Orlando: Respected Mayor, I am a senior commander of the Apple Federation. It is only proper for you to show some necessary politeness to me.
  • Momo: Those lines I prepared for a dark villain all become useless now...
  • Bobo: Me too. Did this little girl really kidnap Lunar and steal all the spices? She isn't just playing house, right?
  • Nikki: So you're the Mayor! Why did you take Lunar and steal everyone's designs and clothes?
  • Mayor: This is not fun! Defeat me before demanding answers! Quick, I've prepared a tomboyish modern daily outfit! Come and play with me!


There is no concluding dialogue.