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  • Bobo: Orlando is an Apple Federation military officer, and he also knows Kimi and the Prime Minister. He must know many things that common people don't!
  • Momo: I think so!
  • Orlando: Hehe, what do you want to know then?
  • Nikki: Um...Is Manager Lisa really the thief who stole the Star Sea? Before she was taken away by guards, she told me:
  • Nikki:[1] Sometimes there is something you don't understand, just because you don't know the secret behind it. For me, I'm not that curious, I just do as I'm ordered.
  • Nikki: What does that mean?
  • Orlando: This is a political affair of the Lilith Kingdom, so it's none of my business. But since you ask, I can fill you in on what I know.
  • Orlando: Manager Lisa is neither a manager of the theater nor a thief. Since she did that, the plan must have gone wrong.
  • Momo: What's the plan?
  • Orlando: She was just following orders. But the mission goal changed from apprehension to agreement.
  • Orlando: So someone had to be that the thief to secure the transaction.
  • Bobo: After listening to all that, why am I still so confused?!
  • Nikki: Do you mean the Lilith government...
  • Orlando: Nikki, let's put that aside for now. I have also prepared an ink dyed modern evening dress, let's focus on our preparation!


There is no concluding dialogue.



After completing this level for the first time, you receive a gift in your mailbox containing Elf Long Hair-Epic, Mist Forest-Epic, Elf Anklet-Epic and Light Cane-Rare.

  1. It is possible that this line was intended to be spoken by Orlando, but Nikki's name was written instead.