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  • Orlando: Haha, now I remember, Kimi mentioned that she met a genius stylist in Wintermount. It's you, right?
  • Orlando: That girl is pretty arrogant. It's the first time I've seen her praise others that way.
  • Bobo: So Kimi and Orlando know each other! Makes sense, both of them from the Apple Federation!
  • Momo: Ooh, Nikki's face is as red as a tomato!
  • Nikki: Momo! the way Orlando, you said you'd discuss with us how to save Lunar; so what should we do?
  • Orlando: Um, so this is what happened.
  • Orlando: A couple of months ago, the Pigeon Queen sent an envoy of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion to the Cloud Empire's Moonlit City, prompting suspicion in the Apple Federation and the Lilith Kingdom.
  • Orlando: Then the city Mayor went all cuckoo, but Queen Nanari has appointed Nidhogg to handle political affairs, so he couldn't stay in the Cloud Empire for long, which why I am here to investigate this incident.
  • Nikki: So that's it! No wonder when we were at Celestial Lake, Nidhogg said we would meet you in Moonlit City.
  • Nikki: Let's have you investigate, while we go help Lunar!
  • Orlando: Right, your friend should be the young master of the Cloud Silk Shop.
  • Orlando: The Mayor took all the spices and Lunar away. The Iron Rose must be involved in this.
  • Momo: I kinda feel this game is heading towards something dark... Uh no, I didn't say anything. This is scary!
  • Orlando: Nikki, I invited a Cloud Maid to be my model. Let's practice.
  • Orlando: Since we are in Moonlit City, let's go for flower-themed Cloud clothing.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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