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  • Momo: How goes it? Have you heard anything important yet?
  • Nikki: I asked the inn's owner and he told me the Mayor used to be very amiable and kind to her people.
  • Nikki: She would send her guards to give away clothing materials or other supplies to the people. Everybody loved and respected her.
  • Bobo: Yes! The tofu shop owner said her favorite green glazed dress was made of cloth the Mayor gave her.
  • Nikki: But since the Iron Rose Stylist Legion showed up a couple of months ago, the Mayor completely changed, and had her guards plunder precious designs and clothes, making sure that even the jewels were taken away.
  • Momo: Why did the Mayor take Lunar's dyeing spice?
  • Bobo: Maybe it's because Lunar's family have the best Cloud Calico, and the spice is the key to dyeing cloth. In other words, it's a very precious material!
  • Nikki: Now we need to find a way to sneak into the Mayor's mansion and save Lunar.
  • Bobo: First, dress up as a common Cloud Empire Maid. That way, it will be easy to sneak in!


There is no concluding dialogue.