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  • Momo: Did some kind of robbery happen here? How terrible...
  • Bobo: Oh dear! What a mess, where is Lunar? Lunar!
  • Nikki: He should be a servant here. Let me ask him what's going on.
  • Momo: What happened, Nikki? What did he say?
  • Nikki: He said a few days age, Moonlit City's Mayor sent someone to the Silk Shop and took Lunar away, as well as all of the spices used to dye cloth.
  • Nikki: They couldn't fight against the mayor's guards.
  • Bobo: The Mayor is a bandit! They robbed a store and kidnapped a lady in broad daylight?!
  • Nikki: We need to find a way to save Lunar!
  • Mela: What a coincidence, all you nuisances are here.
  • Nikki: Mela! You! Why did you bring so many people to Lunar's Silk Shop?
  • Mela: (Whispers to minions) 'Go check if there are anymore spices. Make sure nothing is left behind.'
  • Mela: Ha! I can go anywhere I want in Miraland. Why I should I answer to you.
  • Momo: You! You bad woman!
  • Mela: Speaking of which, I lost to you last time, little girl, I still haven't gotten over that.
  • Mela: I want to compete today with you again. Without a sassy bad woman outfit, you'd better give up.

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There is no concluding dialogue.

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