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  • Momo: I...I can't move! I should have eaten more, so instead of walking, I could just roll like a ball!
  • Bobo: I know it's a long way from Long Street to Moonlit City, but I got to admit that I'm surprised by your straightforwardness...
  • Nikki: Momo, look! The gate tower's right ahead of us. We are almost there!
  • Momo: Is that grilled fish hanging on the tower?
  • Passerby Girl: Nope. Silly cat, those are red lanterns, not grilled fish.
  • Nikki: Hey!...Hello! Are you from Moonlit City?
  • Passerby Girl: Heehee. Yes, I am! Moonlit City is my home!
  • Momo: There seems to be something wrong with this girl...
  • Passerby Girl: Fatty Kitty, be careful or I'll lock you up!
  • Bobo: Stay away from Momo!
  • Passerby Girl: Hahaha, kidding~ kidding!
  • Nikki: Could you please tell us how we can get to the Silk Shop in Moonlit City? We need to go there to look for a friend.
  • Passerby Girl: The Silk Shop? Of course! But you need to defeat me first!
  • Momo: I knew it...
  • Passerby Girl: This fat cat is so funny! Let's dress ourselves in clothes with animals on it to see who is cuter!


There is no concluding dialogue.