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  • Momo: Nikki, the beautiful landlady didn't even give you a chance to show off. She handled all of those bad guys...
  • Bobo: So...Strong...
  • Lu Yinian: I've gotten too slack these years. My moves look sluggish.
  • Nikki: Landlady Lu Yinian, you are really powerful! Weren't you once a heroine fighting against all kinds of villains?
  • Lu Yinian: Ahaha, the past is past. But you, will be a shining treasure in the future.
  • Nikki: Me? Shining Treasure?
  • Lu Yinian: Little girl, there are many trials waiting ahead for you. If my information is correct, you should head to Moonlit City for your friends!
  • Nikki: Lunar! Thank you! I do have to rush to Moonlit City.
  • Bobo: Wait, Nikki! It's cold walking at night, so put on something thick and warm!


There is no concluding dialogue.