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  • Man in Black: The lady's weakness is the Pigeon style. How can you win? Who are you?
  • Nikki: The real Bai Jinjin has already gone. By now, they should have left this nation.
  • Momo: Good job, Nikki! I've almost fallen for you in these two stages!
  • Man in Black: You're the girl who beat the Ghost Dancer! I should have noticed earlier, you two look do similar...
  • Man in Black: Wait. If our lady is so easy to impersonate does that mean she is not the 'treasure'?
  • Bobo: Has she gone mad? Why is she talking to herself?
  • Man in Black: Since the real Bai Jinjin is gone, I'll take you back then!
  • Nikki: Why-You-Are you insane?! I'm not your lady Bai Jinjin, I'm just some irrelevant person!
  • Man in Black: With that face, you're not getting out of this.
  • Momo: Somebody help! Someone is kidnapping girls! Help!!!
  • Lu Yinian: To take someone out of a place, you really need to ask the owner's opinion.
  • Nikki: Landlady Lu Yinian!
  • Lu Yinian: Nikki, dress up in something convenient for fighting, and help me fend off one or two minions. I'll take care of the rest!
  • Bobo: I know it must be super beautiful heroine style. You look really cool, my lady! Nikki, you can't lose!


There is no concluding dialogue.


Even though the text says Man in Black, the dialogue bubble points to the sprite of Qiong.


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