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Opening: Edit

  • Wintermount Waitress: My lady. You have to go with us. By the order of our master, every single one of your belongings must be taken as well!
  • Momo: Uh...Isn't that the waitress who blocked us from entering the restaurant in Wintermount?
  • Bobo: You're not a waitress, huh? You just stopped us from finding Bai Jinjin on purpose!
  • Waitress: I am Miss Mask of the Cloud Empire. If it wasn't for me stalling you, I wouldn't have dressed like that. I didn't expect the Ghost Dancer dared to disobey the order and release you.
  • Nikki: I won't go with you!
  • Masked Concubine: My lady, this is not up to you. Please take all of your belongings and come with us, or I will have to use force.
  • Nikki: Why is it not up to me? Since you serve my father, show me some courtesy!
  • Masked Concubine: I ONLY serve your father. You're not only his daughter, but the target of my mission as well.
  • Nikki: You!... Alright, I will go with you, but you have to compete with me first.
  • Nikki: If you win, I will take the hidden belongings with me.
  • Masked Concubine: I accept. But I will pick the theme. How about this Pigeon Kingdom formal wear?

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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