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  • Momo: I! Am! So! Tired! I'm starving!
  • Bobo: Gosh, we have finally reached the Moon Inn. Let's go get something to eat!
  • (...)
  • Nikki: Great home cooked food! I'm stuffed~
  • Landlady: Look at the way you dress, I'm guessing you aren't guests of Cloud Empire~
  • Momo: I love this chapter. Every stage has a beauty that awaits me!
  • Bobo: Yes, we are from the Lilith Kingdom. Are you the landlady of the Moon Inn?
  • Landlady: Yes, I'm Lu Yinian, the owner of the Moon Inn. You're not from around here, are you?
  • Nikki: Hi, I'm Nikki and this is Bobo and Momo. They're traveling with me around Miraland so that I can become a better stylist.
  • Lu Yinian: Ha~ I haven't met a girl as lovely as you for a long time! Nobody has talked about designing with me for many years now. It's gotten quite boring.
  • Momo: It seems the beautiful hostess is more than just about how she looks...
  • Lu Yinian: Well, young Nikki, if you can beat me, an aging lady, I will promise you one thing.
  • Nikki: Um...
  • Lu Yinian: Don't say 'No' to me, let's have a contest!


There is no concluding dialogue.