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  • Bobo: It's so wonderful! Is this a town of the Cloud Empire? Completely different from the Lilith style!
  • Nikki: Feels like we've traveled back to the ancient times. We should take a photo here.
  • Momo: Don't you think we should grab some food first? I'm starving!
  • Nikki: OK! Let's ask around for the nearest inn~ Ah! Isn't that Autumn who we met at the ancient pavilion?!
  • Autumn: Nikki, what a coincidence, we meet again.
  • Nikki: Greetings, Autumn~ what're you doing here?
  • Autumn: When Fu Su left with Winter, the three of us decided to step out of the Ancient Pavilion and travel around.
  • Autumn: We've been living there for too long and barely remember anything about the outside world.
  • Momo: Meow! Sister Autumn, could you please tell us where's the nearest place we can grab a bite?
  • Autumn: This is Long Street at the food of Mount Mango. You can find the Moon Inn at the end of it. The landlady is hospitable. You can rest there.
  • Autumn: But before you go, we should take this opportunity to have a match, Nikki.
  • Nikki: Yeah! No problem!
  • Autumn: I haven't worn Apple ready-to-wear for a while. Even though cheongsam is very beautiful, I would like to try another elegant, mature style...


There is no concluding dialogue.