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  • Nikki: The Flower Field is not only the secluded hideaway of the mysterious master but also a popular tourist attraction!
  • Bobo: Of course, just imagine fabulous pink petals falling on you. It's just like a dream!
  • Lunar: This is not only a place for stylists and designers to study, but also the preferred location for many filmmakers.
  • Momo: Is that gorgeous lady here for filming?
  • Bobo: Oh dear! She is the hottest superstar at the moment, Blue!
  • Momo: So what? I think Nikki's style is way better than hers~
  • Blue: Kitten! Are you talking about me?
  • Momo: Ah... Ah... chest... so huge...
  • Nikki: My apologies! He's just rambling. Please don't mind us, we're just passing by!
  • Blue: Don't worry young lady. I am more interested in your styling talents. Would you mind teaching me?
  • Momo: Useless, even though Nikki could wear more sassy and mature clothes, she doesn't have the physical advantage...


There is no concluding dialogue.