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  • Flower Field Fairy: Hi there! I'm Autumn. Welcome to the third floor of the Ancient Pavilion. I've been waiting a long time for you guys!
  • Nikki: Hi! I'm Nikki and there are my friends~
  • Autumn: Glad to see you, you exuberant youngsters.
  • Bobo: Greetings beautiful lady. Summer said you would tell us about Fu Su and the master.
  • Autumn: He must have dressed as a country boy and messed around with you for a long time. Still as mischievous as ever!
  • Nikki: You really know Fu Su? Looks like he really is the disciple of the master in the ancient pavilion~
  • Autumn: Many years ago, he passed our tests with talent and diligence, just like you, and master took him under his wing.
  • Autumn: He studied here for decades until master died and hasn't left since.
  • Lunar: The master has... so Fu Su has been guarding the flower field alone?
  • Autumn: Yes, master told him to travel and broaden his horizons, but he insists on staying. He has been trying to find someone talented enough to take his place.
  • Nikki: Fu Su is a good person.
  • Autumn: I think you could persuade him with my younger sister Winter. They are the best of friends, always hanging out together.
  • Autumn: Perhaps he can let go of this place and move forward with his life.
  • Nikki: Great! What is the theme for this test?
  • Autumn: Simple, just an elegant and mature Cloud Empire cheongsam.


There is no concluding dialogue.