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  • Lunar: Look at all the dust on the stairs. It looks like nobody has lived in the ancient pavilion for a long time.
  • Flower Field Fairy: Or you can say that there are too few courageous people with sufficient ability, which is why we are so lonely.
  • Nikki: Hi! Are you the second fairy?
  • Flower Field Fairy: I'm Summer. It must have been annoying to bear with my sister's whining.
  • Summer: She used to talk with master. Only master would put up with her whining so now she has nobody to talk to.
  • Nikki: You mean, the great designer has...
  • Summer: Everything has its own arrangements, and leaving doesn't necessarily mean dying. It could just be the beginning of a new bond.
  • Momo: I feel the elder sister is very philosophical...
  • Bobo: Do you know anything about Fu Su? Is he the disciple of the designer?
  • Summer: When you get past this round, you may ask my sister Autumn. She will patiently answer your questions.
  • Summer: But now, I need to know if you're good enough for that.
  • Nikki: Well, what is the theme this time?
  • Summer: The summer breeze is always so refreshing; you can hear the lotus blossoming in the air...
  • Summer: The cool, refreshing water, the pure white sand, the crashing of the waves... let's try out your beach outfit!


There is no concluding dialogue.