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Opening: Edit

  • Bobo: Ah, that's Fu Su!
  • Nikki: Fu Su, we saw your mirror image just now...
  • Fu Su: I know, and you've passed another round.
  • Lunar: I wonder what's the relationship between you and the designer in the ancient pavilion, or are you...
  • Fu Su: I think it's time to open the long-sealed gate.
  • Nikki: The gate to the ancient pavilion has opened!
  • Fu Su: Nikki, keep going on bravely. You will face the tests from the four flower field fairies.
  • Fu Su: After you receive their affirmation and blessing, I will explain everything to you on the roof.
  • Bobo: He... He disappeared?!
  • Momo: Look! When did the pink fairy appear?!
  • Flower Field Fairy: I'm Spring, a Flower Field illusion and it's my job to protect the ward of the ancient pavilion. It must have been tough for you to come this far.
  • Spring: It's been a long time since I last saw someone from outside, she was a fine lady who looked just like you...
  • Spring: Alas, it's been very quiet here for a long while now, ever since the master left...
  • Nikki: Hi, are you the Flower Field Fairy that Fu Su told me about?
  • Spring: Ah, sorry, I'm used to talking to myself. Sorry for being rude.
  • Spring: If you get past this round, you can meet the Summer Fairy upstairs. She must be eager to meet the new visitors.
  • Spring: It's been so long since I've seen the outside world, so how about an elegant, fashionable ordinary dress? Just one requirement, it must contain the classic Cloud Empire elements.
  • Bobo: She must have been all alone for a long time... that's miserable...

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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