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  • Lunar: I don't know how it happened, but I was trapped in a flower field and couldn't get out. Finally I found you!
  • Momo: Lunar, could you call me Kitten again?
  • Lunar: Isn't your name Momo?
  • Bobo: Lunar, ignore it, the Flower Field can form an illusion from a person's imagination. Fortunately, Nikki beat the illusion or else you wouldn't be able to come back!
  • Fu Su: I will become the Ancient Pavilion Designer's apprentice one day! Humph!
  • Nikki: Fu Su! You? What happened to you?
  • Momo: It's probably another Flower Field illusion.
  • Bobo: Did you hear what he said? Is Fu Su the disciple of the Master designer in the Ancient Pavilion?
  • Lunar: First we have to deal with the illusion using your method. We can find out when Fu Su is back.
  • Nikki: Let me try out the unisex casual modern style.


There is no concluding dialogue.