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  • Nikki: Lunar, there you are! We're all tired now. Momo kept getting caught...
  • Momo: It's obvious that Bobo cheated!! She's doing that to get back at me!!
  • Lunar: Ha~ I'd like to join you guys!
  • Bobo: Um...
  • Momo: Meow...
  • Nikki: Wow...
  • Lunar: Kitten~ you're so cute! You guys look lovely too! Come play with Lunar~
  • Momo: Does anyone know what's going on?
  • Fu Su: She is just a mirror image of Lunar, who is currently in the flower field.
  • Bobo: Mirror image? Isn't she Lunar?
  • Fu Su: No, it's an opposite of her. The magic of the Flower Field can reflect the inner thoughts of a person and bring out a different side to them.
  • Fu Su: So that's why you can see the cute version of Lunar.
  • Fu Su: When you defeat the Flower Field illusion, Lunar will be back. For now, you need to be cuter and sweeter than her to win.


There is no concluding dialogue.