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  • Nikki: The flower field is so popular! Looks like we can run into many old friends just by talking to the visiting tourists.
  • Aron: Nikki! Did you guys come here to tour the Cloud Empire as well?
  • Momo: She's the girl from PE Class where their sports attire was graded...
  • Nikki: Yes~ Are you on vacation?
  • Aron: Yeah. Finally, I can come out and play~
  • Aron: Since we have so many people here. Let's play hide-and-seek! The Flower Field is perfect for hide-and-seek~
  • Bobo: Great!! I'm also a fan of hide-and-seek!
  • Momo: Bobo, you should be the seeker~ You are so chubby and fat that you can be seen from a mile away.
  • Bobo: Momo!! You've gone too far this time!! I will find you first for sure!!
  • Aron: That feels like a romantic and touching statement...
  • Nikki: Haha, Lunar, Fu Su, come join us~
  • Fu Su: No thanks, I'll be the judge.
  • Lunar: You guys play. I'll go get you some water.
  • Aron: Nikki!! A word of advice: you should put on casual attire that camouflages you into the flower field.


There is no concluding dialogue.