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  • Nikki: Is this the right path? Can we get to the ancient pavilion from here?!
  • Fu Su: Well, this is just an illusion. Visitors can only see the flower field.
  • Fu Su: But upon reaching the other side, I will lead you through the invisible ward and then you can go into the ancient pavilion.
  • Bobo: Wow, Fu Su is formidable; not only can he summon phantoms but he can also go through zones...
  • Bobo: Are you the legendary god of the earth?
  • Fu Su: What?! I'm not the smelly old man who lacks basic hygiene!... Let's go.
  • Toto: Nikki!! Hi everybody! What a coincidence! Feels like you were sent by the gods to witness my beautiful love!
  • Momo: Ugh... not you again...
  • Nikki: Toto! Huh? Did you get a new boyfriend again?
  • Toto: Yes, he's just like my Mr. Right! You couldn't possibly understand the thoughtfulness and gentleness of a Cancer guy!!
  • Bobo: It's unfair... Toto has had five boyfriends already, but it's Chapter 6 and I'm still single!
  • Toto: We are going to have our date here. This romantic flower field is the perfect spot! It will be sooooo sweet and~
  • Momo: And your next line is: 'Nikki, please help me find a pretty dress to make me look cute and beautiful~'
  • Toto: BINGO! Momo, you are so smart! But I want to wear an elegant Kimono, so we can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the evening.


There is no concluding dialogue.