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Opening: Edit

  • Nikki: The Flower Field Phantom disappeared!
  • Momo: Does this mean Nikki has passed the Flower Field test? Can we go to the ancient pavilion now?
  • Lunar: No, the road ahead of us is still foggy, but the fog behind us has dissipated!
  • Lunar: It signifies that more trials await on the way to the ancient pavilion.
  • Nikki: Although it sounds difficult, I promised Kimi that I would bravely face new challenges!
  • Momo: Nikki switches to the heroine role again...
  • Young Chopper: Did you just pass the Daisy Phantom test?
  • Bobo: You freaked me out! Who... Who are you? You walk without any sound!
  • Young Chopper: I live here in the mountain. The name's Fu Su. Are you guys here to visit the ancient pavilion?
  • Nikki: Hello Fu Su, I'm Nikki and these are my friends: Lunar, Bobo, and Momo.
  • Nikki: We came to learn some new styling skills from the great designer living in the ancient pavilion. And we just beat the Flower Field Phantom to get here!
  • Fu Su: I see. I can take you to the ancient pavilion, but...
  • Bobo: I knew there would be a but!
  • Fu Su: But, you will have to get through this round. I will send a phantom wearing my design to compete with you.
  • Fu Su: And if you lose, I will have to make you turn back.
  • Nikki: I didn't expect Fu Su to be a designer as well; there are so many undiscovered talents here...
  • Lunar: What's your design then?
  • Fu Su: I will show you our Cloud Empire style, the Noblewomen in traditional ink wash paintings.
  • Fu Su: The quiet and elegant color of an immortal, it's so beautiful...

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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