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  • Nikki: I didn't know Wintermount was so close to the Cloud Empire. The moment I set foot on Cloud Empire territory, it felt like I had traveled back to an ancient time~
  • Lunar: This is my hometown, Cloud Empire. This Flower Field is on the border.
  • Lunar: Look at that ancient building beyond the Flower Field. Legend says a great designer lives there.
  • Momo: Bobo, can you stop planting flowers in my fur?...
  • Momo: Wait! Is it that building at the foot of the mountain?
  • Lunar: Yes, people keep traveling thousands of miles to this beautiful but dangerous Flower Field, to learn the ancient craft, but I hear no one has ever succeeded.
  • Bobo: Sounds cool! I guess there must be a charming gentleman living in there, mourning his lover who passed away many years ago~
  • Momo: Bobo, there must be a black hole of imagination in your head, right?
  • Nikki: How about we give it a shot? Only by undertaking more challenges can I become a designer who Kimi approves of!
  • Bobo: Nikki is so excited. I think she might have been injected with something...
  • Momo: Does this person exist to plagiarize my lines and ideas?
  • Lunar: Once you step into the Flower Field it's easy to get lost. The field all looks the same, and there's a thick foggy mist that can create illusions. Everyone be careful!
  • Flower Field Hallucination: Another batch of ignorant strangers?
  • Flower Field Hallucination: Same rules as usual, beat me in an hour, or be trapped here for ten days and then get kicked out.
  • Nikki: This... This Flower Field is amazing!
  • Nikki: So many people failed because they couldn't pass the test of the Flower Field?
  • Lunar: Nikki, it seems we have to get past the phantom first if we are to reach the ancient pavilion. Let's try styling Flower Field theme.


There is no concluding dialogue.