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  • Fu Su: Nikki, I knew you would make it to the roof. If my master were still here, he would take you as his only girl disciple.
  • Bobo: Oh My Goodness, the real Fu Su looks so celestial!
  • Nikki: We all know, the master has passed away. But as his disciple, you still chose to stay here, right?
  • Fu Su: Since master passed away, I've been training in these Flower Fields for many years, but I never really progress.
  • Fu Su: In my boredom I started to notice the challengers coming to the Flower Field. Hoping that I could find the one who would inspire me. Finally I met you.
  • Nikki: Well... with pleasure! Although the master's not here, I've learned a lot on my journey!
  • Winter: Fu Su, are you leaving this place?
  • Fu Su: I thought that only in the ancient pavilion would I be able to inherit my master's will and gain a deeper understanding.
  • Fu Su: But now I realize that I must go find real beauty with my own eyes, to create the perfect clothes.
  • Winter: Are you going to travel then?
  • Fu Su: Yes, I shall fulfill my master's last wish and train myself well.
  • Winter: Great! Wait for me, I'll pack up and go with you!
  • Momo: Although we didn't meet the master, we stole his last disciple. Way to go, everybody...
  • Fu Su: But before I leave, I wish to compete with Nikki again, let's try the Cloud Empire ancient style.
  • Fu Su: This won't be the last time we compete. Let's bid each other farewell for now.

Conclusion: Edit

There is no concluding dialogue.

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