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  • Lunar: Although we still have no clue about this man's background, there is no denying that his designs are outstanding and unique.
  • Nikki: I agree! I really liked what Neva was wearing just then. Royce is an awesome designer!
  • Neva: I'd really like it if you could replace me as his model.
  • Royce: Nikki, both you and your friend have fantastic taste in design. I am honored that you appreciate my work.
  • Neva: Master, if you go back you can still be a designer. That way you can get more people to appreciate your work.
  • Royce: But at the moment I prefer to find inspiration by traveling.
  • Bobo: This is so weird. How is it that Neva serves the royalty, yet refers to Royce as master?
  • Bobo: .......Unless!!
  • Royce: Clever girl, I think the most important thing for Nikki and me is to complete our contest, yes?
  • Momo: Look at Bobo... She's too embarrassed to talk!
  • Nikki: So, what theme will you choose this time?
  • Royce: Look! The beautiful Wintermount is the pearl of our Lilith Kingdom.
  • Royce: Since we are already at this splendid coastal city it would be a shame if we don't wear our Sailor Outfit?


There is no concluding dialogue.